Wednesday, 30 November 2011

There's A Book In Us All!

'Sophie' is taking shape:
All 20 x 6.5" blocks done!
I also got the sashing on yesterday but no pics yet.  Need to decide on borders, backing & binding now (I rarely plan such things ahead!).

This year I've committed myself to a truly handmade Christmas, where each family member will receive a handmade something from me, no matter how small!

As usual, the male members of my family are the hardest to make for, but thanks to some of your wonderful suggestions, I've at least sorted an idea for my nephew (17).  

Elisa's suggestion of a laptop sleeve was spot on, and as of last night, I got the laptop dimensions so I can get started on that.

However, I'm at a complete loss to know what to make my brother, who has already received from me a mugrug, wallhanging & Stocking for previous presents.  Any ideas?

I've been wanting to try out book/journal covers for ages, as a female gift option. 

So with my Christmas present mojo in full swing, I thought I'd have a crack at the Moda Bakeshop pattern last night.

I used some leftover 'Sophie' strips and am pleased with my first go at one of these.

The cover takes a standard A5 notebook
Now that I know what goes where, I've adapted the pattern to allow for inserted ribbon ties/elastic loop closure & also tweaked the measurements so it's not just sooooo snug (had to sew less than 1/4" seam to make the one above!).

I've almost finished the 2nd one, and then I'll play around with the patchwork designs/fabrics for different recipients I have in mind!

Before I go, you have another chance to win a Go! Baby with my friend Karen.  Pop on over for your chance to get yourself a Christmas pressie!

Hope you've had a lovely Wednesday!

Judith xo


  1. Quilt is looking lovely :) as is the book/journal cover too :) as for man gifts, how about a really nice fleece lined scarf made with some lovely manley fabrics and soft polar fleece ?

  2. Love how your quilt is shaping up. I found a tute on Pinterest for a handmade little zip case for phone/ipod earbuds. Its really small but might work as part of a few small gifts for a man? It goes on a keyring too so he could hang from his belt/keys etc. Hubbie is forever losing his earphones so he is getting one. Let me know if you want the link. Also Kate Conklin has some man gift tutes here:

  3. I have made the men in my family oven gloves for Christmas!!! I am also having to handmake all pressies this year, and I agree blokes are tough to make for. I am also attempting a sausage dog draft excluder at the moment, (as my brother put this on his request list), but I am unsure if it will ever be good enough to give to my brother! x So if you have any other ideas let me know x

  4. your hand made items are always fantastic. how about a cafietiere cover (assuming he has a cafetiere?) I made one for my brother which I blogged about at the end of july if you want to have a look -so easy to make and he was really pleased with it: he is a big coffee drinker

  5. Sophie is beautiful and I love the covered journal! How about an ipod/phone cover (think I may have suggested this for your nephew!!) for your brother?

  6. Love the look of Sophie, and her book spawn too!

  7. Both your quilt and book cover look great. I've cracked and bought some Sophie.
    Sorry no help with gifts for men, I never know what to make them either!

  8. I'm so glad that the laptop sleeve is a gift idea you can use for your nephew!! [Thanks for giving me credit and a linky]. Can't wait to see what fabrics you use for it. Your notebook cover looks so pretty with the Sophie strips and the added detail of the ribbon and button. The Sophie quilt is awesome, too! Your family is very lucky this year to have homemade gifts from you :0)

  9. You sent me off to Karen's and I almost forgot to come back!

    Would your brother not want a man-book? Socks?

  10. Love Sophie - can't think of a man pressie altho I suspect there will be ideas on Sew Mama Sew. I finished 2 journal covers yesterday, will post tomorrow for FSD. I do a book cover workshop but tweaked my usual with help form a couple of blogs and prefer the new versions.

  11. The Sophie fabrics are beautiful, and the quilt looks fantastic. What about a washbag for your brother - make it from laminated fabric and add some soap??

  12. Patchwork! Men! I have no idea.... If you get a good idea please let me know as I have a houseful of men. Good luck! BTW the Sophie quilt is looking good.

  13. How about a key chain!? A beany hat? Welly socks?

    Good luck finding something!

  14. That book cover is adorable! I think Nicky's suggestion of a hat is a good one, especially since it's bloomin' freezing!

  15. These look gorgeous, your family are really lucky to get handmade gifts from you.


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