Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Boys, boys, boys!

Well I got my gorgeous Kona Azure today and got stuck into the binding for the value quilt.

The colours look a bit dull here as this is in my kitchen (& it's been dull and wet all day!).  But I'll do a proper post soon with better pics to link in with next term's program.

I just need to get a hanging sleeve on this as it's ultimately destined for my bedroom wall.

Other things I've been working on today involve the words 'Christmas' and 'boys'!

This will be a cushion for my nephew who received the colour brick quilt earlier this year.

And this will be a cushion for his big brother (17) who plays for Lurgan Tigers Rugby Club, hence the team colours of black, red & yellow.

I have one more 17 year old nephew to make for, but I'm completely stumped! I hate to make a difference between my nieces and nephews (I have 7 on my side of the family alone) but boys are so difficult to make for!  

Any ideas for a typical, football loving, lanky teenage boy?

Happy Wednesday!

Judith xo

P.s. Thank you so much everyone for asking about how Shannon got on in her Mock GCSE Art exam.  All went well, and the nerves were soon replaced with the 2 hour Maths exam which followed the next day!  Another week and a half of mocks and she gets her life back (for a while anyway!). Jxo


  1. Wow, you leapt right on in there with that binding, it looks fab!

    Sorry, all out of boy pressie ideas though :o/

  2. I love the quilt and the pillows. My boy ideas today are a pillow (I know you have some but all boys love pillows it seems - for lounging on the bed and reading the computer or a book or playing a video game, or a gadget case (computer, video game machine, phone) or sunglasses case, or scarf in his team's colours (maybe striped or in big patchwork squares). Of course the boys I know also all love quilts too.

  3. Love the quilt! Cushions are going to be fab too! I'm going to make a colour brick quilt because I reckon it will be a fab and easy way of using my Hope Valley stash all in one quilt!

  4. Those cushions will be great for your nephews! Love the values quilt too and that Kona binding really suits. I've sewn 300 inches of binding already this week - good job I like doing it!

  5. Love the Value quilt, dull-day picture or not!

    Umm I think I would be making a beeline for an Amazon voucher!

  6. The quilt looks fabulous on a dull day so would be truly inspired on a sunny day! Can't believe the stress for mock exams. What on earth is it like when the real ones roll round?

  7. Wow! Your quilt and pillow tops are fabulous!! You are so prolific! Can't think of any suggestions for your remaining nephew at the momenot-- although Hadley's suggestion for an Amazon voucher is a good one. I'm making laptop sleeves for my stepsons and Hubster, but don't know if your nephew has one.

  8. What lovely makes! How about an iPod/ phone cover?

  9. The Value quilt is gorgeous! Love the cushions too :)

  10. You're doing a great job already with boy quilts. I find that to be terribly difficult.
    Love, love, love the value quilt! great make!

  11. My son wants a space invader or creeper (a buddy from Minecraft I think) duvet cover. No idea what the creeper looks like but he might do! Google it!

  12. I think your quilt is great, despite the dull lighting. I've seen similar designs before but yours has more depth and looks somehow 3-dimensional.
    Teresa x

  13. Love the value quilt and the boy presents! How about a cover for one of his gadgets (ipod, games console, etc.?)


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