Monday, 28 November 2011

Stick Your Tongue Out!

Sunday is my 'no work sewing allowed' day, so I get to play and catch up with personal makes and pressies.

I recently saw this on flickr:
and thought they'd make cute kids presents.  My first attempt wasn't too bad, especially as I went for a lined version:

Tongue is too big, strap too long, eyes too slitty & strap on wrong side!
My kids and their friends seem to love quirky things, so I'll keeping working on these friendly 'monster' purses til I'm happy with the proportions and expressions.

My middle daughter spied this on flickr and thought it was soooooooo coooooool!     
Wouldn't it be fun if she found one of these in her stocking!

So playtime next Sunday might be spent on these bad boys!

I also got a wee bit of quilting done on one of the nephew cushions, and some chain piecing on the little girl cot quilt.

But now onto something much more mundane!

I had to finish the last traunch of makeup bags today, as they are going into the salon tomorrow.  I'm sure you're as sick of seeing these as I am, but here are the final 11 going for sale:

The 'pre tissue paper stuffed' look!
Sadly, these don't include the ones I was going to make as presents, so it looks like I'm not yet done making makeup bags!!!!

Hope you've had a great start to the new week (it's December this week!  Eeeeeeeeeek!)

Judith xo


  1. Love the monster purses!! Congratulations on finishing all those make up bags - the dark grey fabric and orange zips are wonderful together!

  2. Love them all - I pinned some very similar monster purses ages ago - you have just reminded me - thank you.

    Love the zippies, especially the grey/orange ones - going to sell out!!

  3. All your purses and makeup bags are brilliant. Love the monster cute and clever!

  4. GLad you had a good playtime! Make-up bags are beautiful, but you'll be making them i your sleep at this rate!

  5. Those monster zip purses are adorable!! And fun! You really know how to whip out those zippered pouches-- they look so pretty. Glad you made progress on some of your other holiday gifts, too.

  6. Oooh great make up bags my favourite are the dark grey ones. Mind they are all lovely. The monster purses reminds me of the fluffy pencil cases I used to have to carry my school pens in. I remember having a red furry one with eyes and a tongue. By the end of the turn the nice fur used to look pretty manky but I always seemed to go for a furry pencil case. No accounting for taste eh?!

  7. You'll be please to know that I totally, obediently, stuck my tongue out there :oP Love the wee monster pouches, and WTG on finishing the next round of make-ups bags (as they'll be sold out in no time)

  8. Good idea for Sunday. Loving the monster purses, and your make up bags will all be sold by this time next week.

  9. You are a machine, girl! Bet you can put a zip in blindfold now.

  10. Kids-schmids. I want one of those monster bags!! And is the second a notebook cover? Sweet! If you were at a loose end you could maybe do a wee tute for those of us less creative in the pattern drawing department? Pleeeease?

  11. No, I see it's a wee pouch! Want it even more now!!!

  12. The monster bags are pretty cute! I am sure the others will be sold in no time.

  13. Oooo monster purses what a fab idea, these combine my love for stuffy animals with mini bags - ideal!! Watch those make up bags fly off the shelves x

  14. Fab pouches but I simply adore those monster purses! Must figure out how to make some!


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