Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Quilts Away!

The last of the first round of Bee Blessed quilts has been bound, labelled and washed.

Which means these 4 beauties are being handed over this week for donation to local needy families. 

Many thanks again to all of you who contributed blocks and fabrics to make these quilts possible. I may not get specific information on who they are given to, but please know that they will be put into homes where they will be v.much appreciated and loved.

Time to update you with a few quick makes I did last week:

Bunting - class sample

Vintage look mini bunting - class sample (but may make it's way onto my mantel this Christmas!!)
Fingerless gloves

They look better with a hand in them!!!
My first attempt at these fingerless gloves produced something that would have been too big for Audley Harrison!!

As my intended recipient for these is my daughter, who loves homemade makes in random colours (you may have noticed her recent mugrug!) I had to rethink.

So I down sized my hook and shorted the length and got something that will fit her hands! These are being put away with the bed socks for stocking fillers!

If anyone out there wants to make fingerless gloves for someone with shovel hands, then I have the perfect pattern!


  1. Your Bee Blessed quilts look wonderful! Well done!
    I just fell in love with your vintage bunting, it's gorgeous!
    Oh and I have shovel hands, but can't knit! x

  2. I've just been exploring your blog and have been loving every post. I don't understand how I've missed you before!

    Love the Bee Blessed quilts and the story of the shovel size fingerless gloves...LOL

  3. The quilts look really lovely on the line, good work missus! The vintage bunting is really sweet, and Love the fingerless mittens too :-)

  4. They all look fantastic and I am sure who ever gets any of them will be very very happy and grateful. Well done you and the rest of the Bee Blessed team.

  5. The quilts look fabulous. How amazing that blocks from so many different people can go together so well and make such gorgeous quilts. You and your team should be so proud. Well done to all of you!. Love the buntings, and the gloves, but I am not making and more bunting again for a long time!!

  6. Love the quilts - they're fabulous! The bunting is very nice, I love the trim on the second set! Oh, and I have shovel hands *g*

  7. Wow! Wow! Wow! the quilts looks spectacular. Well done, lovely ladies!

  8. Don't the quilts look super - well done all of you.

  9. The quilts look great and I'm sure they'll be so loved! I adore bunting, I'd wrap my whole house in it if I could. The shovel hands comment really made me laugh!!

  10. The finished quilts look fab! Love the bunting, and I'm giggling just a little at the enormous fingerless gloves :oD

  11. Quilts on a line - doesn't it look fresh. They've all come out very nicely. I love, love, love your bunting and especially the vintage one. Heck I like the Christmas one too - you know me! Love seeing all your creative stocking fillers!

  12. Well done on those stunning quilts x

    I bet even Audley loves mittens!

  13. The recipients of those lovely quilts are going to be so happy with them, I'm sure!
    The fingerless mits look great and must be a quick satisfying make. Are you able to share the pattern please?
    Teresa x


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