Tuesday, 29 November 2011

A day for Tea & Shortbread!

It's absolutely minging outside today!  It's so dark I haven't been able to switch the lights off yet (it's nearly 1pm!).

But I've the house to myself until 4pm so I'm a happy bunny. 

I've had loads of admin and teaching notes to do today, so not much sewing done, but I did get a few more Christmas presents finished last night.

I made another mugrug/hostess box set, which I'll show the class on Thursday night, but I'm thinking this one would be great for my mum.  

My vision for turning this into a present is to get some clear wrap and that fancy twirly ribbon stuff (you know what I mean!) and wrap up some delicious fudge or peppermint creams and set them into the box.  

Alternatively, if I see a nice mug that will go with these fabrics, I might put the fancy wrapped sweets into the mug and make it a full on gift set.

Does anyone know if Ikea sells the clear wrap?

Another finish were these cosy mittens:

These are a stocking filler for daughter no. 2.  That just leaves daugher no. 1 to make these for (daughter no. 3 mittens here), and she has already picked out her yarn so I'd better get cracking!

Some of you previously got the pattern for these from me, but I have to say that after crocheting it up several times, (before unravelling and resizing) I don't think there's any need to increase on the thumb joint half as much as it says in the pattern (except maybe for those of you who've already confessed to having shovel hands!!). I made one round of increase which is more than enough for small/standard sized hands.

And finally, another votive/tea light cover:

This one will probably be heading over to England (but without the glass jam jar inside!!).

So, the admin is all done, time for a quick lunch, before heading up to the sewing room for more present making!
Have a good 'un!

Judith xo


  1. don't know about ikea for clear wrap but how about your local florist?

  2. That is the cutest mug rug set! And your crocheting is lovely!

  3. Love the MR/box set and a mug/some wrapped fudge, etc. are great ideas! The votive covers are very pretty - I might have to try one (or four!). Have a good afternoon x

  4. What a great mugrug - on my long list of things to make at some point - but tackling the nativity outfit at the moment, so mugrugs will have to wait!

  5. wow, all very lovely: i do like the material you have used for the mug rug

  6. The mug rug set is lovely. The combination of floral and more modern dotty fabrics go together really well.
    I've had a go a the crochet mits (one done so far). I didn't have any problem with the size of the thumb but may alter it so as not to have a cuff. Despite that, it went well and i'm pleased with it.
    Teresa x

  7. Busy wee day for you there missus. If you have a Hobbycraft nearby, they sell the cellophane wrap

  8. You're being very productive and such lovelies to show for it. I know that Craftworld in Belfast sell the clear wrap stuff.

  9. I a always on the lookout for the clear wrap too - thanks Katy.
    I did coasters/mugs filled with sweets and wrapped just like you describe, a couple of years back, they look special.

  10. What a tonne of wonderful makes!!
    Good luck on the cello trail - you could always sweet-talk a florist!

  11. Man, your makes are fabulous! My task for 2012 is to learn to crochet properly (I can do a little) and I am slightly jealous of your Mum getting that wee snack tray/mug rug combo!

  12. Love the mug rug set. You are very busy. Hope the afternoon was productive too.

  13. It all looks just gorgeous! I am especially tempted by that pretty shortbread!

  14. All lovely! I adore the colours of those mittens :)

  15. Awesome! I love the mugrug combo set. The mug matches perfectly and the shortbread is super cute in its little nest. Great makes!


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