Saturday, 19 November 2011

Does Batman Wear Makeup?

I know it's a random title, but bear with me!!

In response to my sister's need for more makeup bags, and my need to make more Christmas presents for girly relatives, I've cut up fabric for what feels like another 600 makeup bags!

Ok, so that's a slight exaggeration!

But I do have a few birthdays and Christmas presents accounted for in that pile, as well as supplying my sister's salon with more stock and herself with teacher's presents!

My only difficulty was in getting orange zips!  I tried 2 UK based shops and nada!  So would you believe it, my orange zips are winging their way to me all the way from the wonderful US, courtesy of Zipit!

I hope they arrive soon!!

I've also ordered this as a Christmas present to myself!

I'm looking forward to trying out some blocks from bloggers I follow who have contributed to this book.

And last but not least, a Christmas present for my 6 year old nephew who is batty about .....

The yellow is a lot more 'canary' than you see here!

You guessed it!  Batman!

This is a toy pouch (approx. 13" x 9") for him to keep all his wee batman bits and pieces in (cos I happen to know he's getting a fab Bat cave from Santa!).

So that's another pressie ticked off the list!

Hope you are having a great weekend!

Judith xo


  1. Holy Haberdashery, batman! Awesome :-) Love the production line too

  2. Love the Batman bag - he's going to be thrilled! I can't believe how many make up bags you're making, hope the zips arrive soon!

  3. I'm sure the zips will arrive soon as I've always found Zipit super fast shippers. Love the batman pouch. I reckon Batman wears make up we just can't see it under the mask. Any man who wears tights and his pants over them probably wouldn't be adverse to to a spot of guy liner ;-)

  4. Being partial to a geek case, I whole-heatedly approve of the Bat-bag!

    Zipit is the best x

  5. He most definitely does wear make-up. You can't wear tight tights like that and strut around with your hands on your hips and not be well made-up under that BatMask! Love the pouch for your nephew -good luck with all those make-up bags!

  6. Lol, I know that production line feeling, it's good when they all come together quickly at the end though Sold all my make-up bags too so I think we're onto a winner! . Oh, and if my experience with zipit was anything to go by, your zips will be zipping their way to you :) x

  7. That is a lot of makeup bags! Great batman holder! :)

  8. haha hope your nephew doesn't read your blog ;)
    That is a lot of make up bags. Good luck with that :)

  9. Everyone has said it already so I just sit here trying to figure out how many bags you have cut there and being impressed! Love the Batman pressie!

  10. Wow, you are making a lot of bags, but doing them together is fastest! I totally love the batman bag. I have a batman watch, I should find it, I did not realize batman was "in" again.

  11. A very clever (and intriguing) title for your post!! I wish I could whip out the gift items as fast as you!! Your makeup bags are so wonderful. The Batman case is great, too. My son is TOTALLY into superheroes (and wants to be one when he grows up!) I have some cute Batman fabric that I'm going to use to make a ccube organizer for him for his pencils, scissors, tape, glue stick, etc. since he can never seem to find his supplies without help. Time to get moving on all those presents-- the holidays are so rapidly approaching!

  12. P.S.-- The book looks great, too!

  13. Yay for Zipit, my order winged its way very quickly, so hopefully you'll be churning out those pouches in no time :o)

    I have that book, and haven't had chance to read it yet, I'm hoping to remedy that this week...

    Love the batman pouch, and I've always had my suspicions about Batman and his makeup... ;o)

  14. Batman certainly had his tools stored in his utility belt as far as I remember! Can't remember the make up though! We were Spidey fans here! Son loved to climb furniture, doorframes, trees - now rocks, walls !! No change!


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