Sunday, 6 November 2011


Today was the most beautiful Autumnal day!

Stomont Castle

Lord Carson & a few other wanabees!

Imagine your driveway being 1 mile long!!

It was almost too bright to be photographing quilts outside ......

... but I wanted to show you a better pic of the 2nd D9P quilt Bee Blessed made yesterday.

Tune in tomorrow for the November Bee Blessed block details!

Hope you've had a lovely Sunday!

Judith xo


  1. Great pics, it has been a lovely day! Bee blessed quilt looks great :)

  2. Looks like a wonderful day and the quilt top looks lovely!

  3. Beautiful day :) Beautiful quilt :)

  4. Great pics, it;s been beautiful here all day too.
    Chuffed to see my blocks made it into a quilt..

  5. The quilt top looks beautiful - not sure about those knobbly knees in November! xxx

  6. Lovely pics! I've always thought Stomont Castle looks very dramatic. I said this to Chief once and he sent me a picture of himself in mess dress lounging on the steps after some function! How the other half live eh!

  7. It was a lovely day in Troon yesterday too :o) Glad you got your quilt photographed anyway, it looks fab

  8. Oooh see what you mean, d9p is wonderfully bright!

  9. (just catching up!) that quilt top looks fab Judith, way to go Bee Blessed! x


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