Sunday, 20 November 2011

Staying in the Ditch!

It's been a lovely Sunday!

After lunch I got to help my big girl prepare for her GCSE Art mock exam tomorrow (5 hours of it!).  As part of her 'Accessories' theme, she's making a handbag!

She has her own design all thought out, and tomorrow she gets to assemble it.  Her design involves printing flowers onto the main panels of the bag, before sewing it together with a hippy fringe along the bottom.  I can't wait to see the finished bag, she might even let me take a picture of it to show you!!
(She's now baking apple & cinammon cupcakes, the smell of which is making my mouth water as I sit and type this!)

I also got a bit of Bee Blessed sewing done.  I've pieces cut out for 4 Log Cabin blocks, which I hope to sew on Saturday when we next meet.  

Awful pic! So sorry!
My priority today was getting the big D9P quilt (now called 'Blessed to the Nines!') quilted and the binding attached.

This is a big quilt and has already been allocated to a needy home, so I wanted to crack on with it.

I stitched in the ditch on all the vertical and horizontal seams, and some inbetween seams too!  

Now most folks will grown at the very mention of the 'D' word, but I recently acquired a stitch in the ditch foot, which made this process much easier and faster.

You just have to re-train your eye to watch the ditch guide in the centre of the foot, rather than the needle and where it is quilting.  

I'd highly recommend this wee foot (which you can get for most makes of machine) if you've previously tried in the ditch quilting and hated it!

I might get a wee bit more 'present' sewing done tonight, but in the meantime have a lovely end to Sunday.

Judith xo


  1. The quilt looks even better now it's quilted - that foot looks interesting and it would save me having to unpick the deviations! I hope the mock goes well!

  2. Wow, a daughter who sews and makes cupcakes, you are lucky, I am going to have to get my boys baking, the baking daughter has moved away (for now, we will see). It looks like a lot of quilting is going on at your house.

  3. Like the sound of the cupcakes AND the stitch in the ditch foot. More stuff to add to my list of would like to have one day! The D9P looks so lovely. I hope the family truly appreciates the work you have put into bringing people together to spread a little cheer and goodness to others.

  4. I didn't even know such a foot existed. Mind I have two sewing machines - one was passed on to me from a friend and I have no idea what half the feet are for :-/

  5. Oh I need one of those...I didn't realise I could get one for my machine...

  6. Sounds like a lovely sunday! I've always been intrigued with that type of foot but never tried on!

  7. For anyone with a Janoe, I know for sure there is a ditch quilting foot and it should cost £13.
    The DP9 quilt looks super Judith.

  8. Oh I used my ditch foot on the Tardis - great isn't it!

    Good luck for the wee-Bag lady tomorrow x

  9. Hope S's mock goes really well - can't wait to see a picture! It's so funny looking at your Bee cuts 'cos I've just been doing the very same thing and have similar piles ready for Sat!

  10. Good luck for the mock tomorrow for the big DD, look forward to seeing the results :) D9P looks beautiful, and the foot certainly looks brilliant. (I'm not really an 'in the ditch' quilter)

  11. Good luck on the mock! Great quilt!

  12. Good luck to your daughter, she sounds so talented! And your quilt is looking great :-)

  13. Hope the exam went well, my Design and Art exams were my favourite by far (not least because there was no studying for them lol)

    Stitch in the ditch foot, genius!

  14. Hope the mock exam went well! Who knew they made that foot?! Brilliant, I hate stitching in the ditch!


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