Saturday, 5 November 2011

Scaffolding & Squares!

We have had the most beautiful weather the past few days!  It's definitely getting colder, but I love the delicious mix of cold air and clear, blue sky.

Sadly, the view outside my window at the moment isn't very beautiful!

Last week rain water starting coming in through the ceiling (we've had LOTS of rain lately!), so we had to call in our trusty builders to get to the root of the problem.  So that meant this week, I had children off school for half term, 3 classes, a birthday tea for my mum, 3 builders, lots of scaffolding & a dog going mental at the ladders and strange men invading her territory!

Not much work done then!

However, I did manage to get Hadley's Brit Bee (monster) block done:

I love the colours and design Hadley has chosen for her quilt - it's going to be a stunner!

And today was all about fun and blessings.

Not many pics to show you of our November gathering of Bee Blessed, but we did get our final cot quilt bound & labeled, a 2nd D9P lap quilt top completed ....

...binding & labels made and a baby mat progressed with the leftover blocks.  Well done ladies - we did good!

I promise to bring you more pictures when we next meet.

Thanks again to all my blogging friends for contributing D9P blocks so far.  I know there are still a few more to come in, and they will most certainly be used!

I will soon be posting the tutorial on our next block so watch this space.

Hope you all have a relaxing weekend!

Judith xo


  1. Enjoy the sunshine, you've definitely had more than your fair share of rain lately! Dark and dank here, with just a little stitchery going on, love your monster block, Hadley has made an inspired choice :) Love your D9P top, beautiful!

  2. Yikes, I hope the repairs are not too dear and at least you have some sun now. We have loads of sun but it was -11C today, at least no snow. I love seeing that quilt top, I bet is wonderful in person. And Hadley's block is beautiful.

  3. Amazing block for Hadley - will be totally fabulous in a whole quilt! Didn't realise you had the added stress of builders this week, poor you!

  4. Oh no! Leaks already and its only the start of winter! That really sucks. However, its the start of winter, you're lucky you got a builder available and still happy to do outdoor work! lol Wonderful moster and the dp9 looks great :-)

  5. Hope they fix that leak before the rains start up again. I am sure house repairs was the last thing you needed right now! Love your bee block and the latest quilt top. Amazed you got anything done with kids and builders around!

  6. Your Brit Bee block for Hadley turned out beautiful! And the D9P top looks great. My 2 blocks will be among the late comers, but glad you will still be able to use them. Sounds rather chaotic with the repair work, the kids home and the dog!! Hope this week is calmer for you!!

  7. Well done bee ladies! It looks great :)

  8. Thank you for making my block when all around was chaos!
    Great Bee Blessed top xxx

  9. Hope you get your leak fixed! Your cot quilt looks great, that disappearing 9 patch works really well. Any sightings of famous musicians in your area this weekend?

  10. That looks like a pretty productive week, despite everything!

  11. Sounds like a busy week! Hadley's block looks wonderful, as does the D9P top! The scaffolding? Not so much ;o)

  12. Block for Hadders looks amazing, perfick HSTs!


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