Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Progress (just about!)

This is my 2nd attempt at this post, delayed due to needing a new cable to download the pics from my phone of what I've done today.

And why did I need a new cable?

Let me show you the next 2 pictures and you can draw your own conclusions (I already know what Hadley's going to say!).

Butter wouldn't melt!
Anyway, if you are reading this post then a certain cute doggy hasn't been banished to the outback forever and I managed to track down a computer shop which sold the right USB cable.

And so onto the progress that I achieved today.

Today the sun was out ALL DAY, which means I was motivated to sew despite feeling tired!

Firstly I cracked on with the quilting of my Value quilt which I need to finish & get photographed for my new program coming out at the end of the week.

I've ordered some Kona Azure from River Fabrics for the binding, which I'll get tomorrow.  Then I can get this baby finished and reveal it to the world (well, the few of you who unwaveringly put up with my ramblings!).

Next, I opened up The Sweat Shop and made a start on the unquantifyible make-up bags to re-stock my sister's salon. 

These things are selling like hot cakes & I can't keep up with demand.  Unfortunately my zips haven't arrived yet from RayStitch or Zipit so I've stalled a bit (plus I'm bored to death making endless make-up bags!!).

A bored (yet creative) mind is a dangerous thing, cos then I start thinking up new projects to start.  I have indeed decided on a new, fun project, but you'll have to wait til tomorrow to find out!!

Hope you've had a sunny and productive day!

Judith xo


  1. Oh, that's teasing!! I hope your zips arrive soon so you can get the make up bags finished and start something just for you! Oh, and I think a stray squirrel must have wandered into your house and chewed that cable because it definitely wasn't your dog! (Like it wasn't Archie that once chewed through the moulded plug on the fridge freezer - fortunately he pulled it out of the wall first!)

  2. Hmmm I'll pop a big sack in the post!

    I think I am going to start a zippy-purse production line very soon like yours - in the meantime, you could get going on some drawstring bags?

  3. Your doggie looks like they *know* they're in the dog house big time! I have fits and starts with zippy pouches. I'll make half a dozen and then think never again until the next time!

    Can't wait to see your value quilt and what you have planned.

  4. LIke the sound of your new fun project - looking forward to the big reveal. So pleased the make-up bags are selling well - looks like you are now a victim of your own success!

  5. Makes me glad I have a cat ;) Looks like you're making great progress and glad the make-up bags are selling so well!

  6. He only ate that cable because he hasn't any cushions to chew! Poor wee thing, doesn't he look badly done by?! Glad you got a replacement though. Now back to the sweatshop. (And you are feeling what I was feeling before the craft show. Fed up with making things that were specifically for anybody.) But at least yours will sell! And woohoo for that!!

  7. Hmm, a poorly tummy surely to come ... glad you got a replacement cable, you'd think the dog would be happy with a normal doggy chew! :) Keep up the sweatshop, it'll be worth it :) No sunshine here today, rain, dark and dank :(

  8. Butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. He looks so innocent. Must have been the cat! 'Im glad your zippys are a sucess - Keep going with the sweatshop!

  9. 'Aww, but mum, it tastes so good, and it has that added little zing when you chew on it...'

    Try not to sweat too much making those bags, love that one with the hearts on the top

  10. oh dear! Been there, had that happen, can relate!
    Twas our modem I do believe.
    Go sweatshop go :)

  11. Hmm, I too would banish the cute little fellow.

  12. That wee dog could not be guilty.........
    Isn't it funny how we sort of yearn to find a magic selling item but don't really want to keep churning them out?

  13. oh how I laughed when I saw the photo of the doggy!!!! He is so cute! Glad to hear how well your pouches are selling! It is so encouraging when someone buys what you have made and makes you more confident that people like what you do as they will pay money for it! x

  14. It's a good thing your dog is cute!! Glad, at least, that it was an easy and inexpensive fix! (And not one of your homemade goodies!) Glad those make-up bags are selling like hotcakes!!


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