Monday, 21 November 2011

Great Balls of .......?

For some reason, I am more motivated to crochet at this time of year, especially pre-Christmas.

I've been crocheting since I was 8, and am delighted that, along with many of the age-old crafts, crocheting has been enjoying a revival.

I recently discovered Attic 24 (thanks Susan!) and love the bright and colourful snuggly things she makes.

In a recent post she showed us how she organised her accumulated balls of yarn, and this inspired me to move mine out of the pop-up laundry basket they were in (where they get dreadfully tangled) and into this:

Monsta Box!

Colour explosion!

Mmmm - I'm gaining a nice wee collection of UFOs - eeeek!
At least now I have a much better idea of what I have lots of (white it would seem!).

And putting the white to good use, I made a glass tea light cover from this pattern.  

Isn't it cute, and a great way to recycle jam jars.  I'm definitely going to make more of these, and also have a go at the Attic 24 trim pattern.
I'm off now to type up endless notes for my Christmas classes which start this week!

Have a great Monday!

Judith xo


  1. arghh stop it you make me want to learn to crochet with those tea light covers - but I've tried before...and I've no time to spare! Oh well thanks for sharing your lovely makes!

  2. You can't beat a good Ikea box!!

  3. I love Lucy's blog - I'm so glad you found it! Have you visited Tales From Cuckoo Land and Yarn Round Hook? Have fun with all that yarn! I'd love a ripple blanket like the one Lucy's making at the moment but the cost of the yarn puts me off...funny that the cost of fabric for a quilt doesn't have the same effect!

  4. Hmm I spy another pattern to bookmark and make when I am about 80 years old and have the time - nice job!

  5. Love the tea light holder, you're making me wish I could crochet... lol Good luck doing your class notes :-)

  6. Seriously, how cute is that tealight holder?! Multi-talented Judith, unfortunately my attempts at crochet result in an ever tightening knot!

  7. Happy crocheting! Sorry, I came over all itchy just reading this post. I know, I have issues...

  8. Your welcome! I love what Lucy makes. She has an incredible eye for colour. Love the tea light cover you made. And how much yarn stash do you have woman?! You put me to shame. I would buy more but I am with Helen, it costs so much. I made a gorgeously soft mini-throw earlier this year with cotton yarn but it was mini because I bought as much as I could afford and it made much less than I hoped!

  9. I must try to learn again one day - you make me feel like I am missing out!

  10. Great organising! I adore the cute tealight holder, so pretty!


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