Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The Value of Charms

Firstly some post news!

November heralds the turn of my hilariously funny bloggy friend Hadley in our monthly Brit Bee.

My wee fabric package arrived in style yesterday with instructions on how to make a 24" block!!!  

The fabrics are gorgeous and the design is stunning, so I don't have anything to worry about (only a million hsts to match up!).

And speaking of hsts, I sewed 80 of them together over the weekend to get this:

Too big for my design board!
This is a value quilt/wallhanging I want to put up in my bedroom.  Although I just used some scrappy 5" squares (including some items of clothing!) I sized the design specifically so that it can be made from 2 charm packs, a patterned one and a solid one (it might make it's way into my programme of classes one day!).  

I'm really enjoying making this - however, I have come to the conclusion that it is impossible to retain accurate points on every sewn hst, without a cutting device like the GO! Baby.  Despite accurate cutting, starching, sewing and painstaking trimming, some of my points just don't match up!  More practise needed me thinks!

I'm not too bothered with this particular quilt, because it's for me, but if I was making it for someonelse I wouldn't feel able to hand it over!

So just the border to add, and then I can get quilting. 

The sun is shining this morning, after a horrendous day of torrential rain yesterday.  The kids are off so no doubt it will be down to the park later with tennis rackets in hand!

Early morning sunshine!
Have a great Tuesday, whatever you get up to!

Judith xo


  1. Your value quilt is lovely! One of my favourite colour combinations

  2. That's stunning J. If you ever want some hst's cutting I will happily volunteer by go!baby services :-)

  3. Your quilt is looking wonderful! Have a great week!

  4. I love your value quilt, gorgeous colours and so what if your points are all perfectly matched. I really don't see it. If you handed that to me I would be over the moon points matching or not!!!

  5. Your value quilt is stunning. I started making one but didn't get very far...another wip I need to finish! I can't seen any mismatched seams and would be happy to receive one!

  6. I love your quilt top! I suggest that once you quilt it and give it a wash, even with your nose in your quilt the points will look perfect, and who needs to look that closely. Forget the quilt police. By the way fabric in a little fabric box is very classy for a bee!

  7. The value quilt is fab!! And love those fabric charms you got from Hadley, I have an idea what she is doing, will be fab!!

  8. Look forward to seeing the giant block !
    Your value quilt is super - can I just ask, do you make HSTs with triangles or squares?

  9. Love the value quilt - it would make a great class! Really looking forward to seeing the giant block for Hadley!

  10. I am familiar with the cutting of squares for HSTs by hand!!!

    Love your wallhanging - you have give me a lightbulb moment - thank you! xxx

  11. Only 24"? Nae bother :oD Love your value quilt, and the points look like they match to me - although I realise that that makes absolutely no difference if YOU can see them, because we're our own worst critics!

  12. 24 inch block - sheesh!

    Your value quilt is lovely! I also love the look of hst's but it's all the trimming that gets me. I get sick of it far too quickly.

  13. Your quilt is stunning and who ever gets all the points to meet up. Certainly not me!


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