Friday, 4 May 2012

What a Star!

This month in the Brit Bee it's the turn of the hilariously funny, and true gem that is Terri.

Terri has sent the other 11 of us some fabric and a request for 8 pointed stars. 

I received some gorgeous yellows, aquas and grey for the backgrounds.  And here's how I used them:


'Stargazing' from '99 Modern Blocks'
What is even more special about these blocks is that we get to hand them over in person at the Fat Quarterly Retreat!

I've also been doing a little alterations sewing on some trousers and tops I was given a long time ago.  It's soooo not my favourite kind of sewing, but needs must, and hopefully no-one will know that they've been altered when I've finished with them!

Btw, I forgot to tell you how I got on in last week's Quilting Gallery Wallhanging competition.  I'm delighted to say I didn't come last, which was my only aspiration!

Somewhere around the middle is always a cosy place to be!!  Thank you all for voting!

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Oh my goodness, Terri will be thrilled, these are fab! And you're quick off the mark too :) xx

  2. The blocks are stunning! I did vote for you and am glad you did well, but was so busy I forgot to check so thanks for the update.

  3. They're both fab, love the fussy cutting on the 2nd one

  4. The star blocks are lovely, especially the fussy cutting.

  5. those stars look great, she will be thrilled

  6. How do you do it!? Always there first to finish! I am impressed!

    Beautiful blocks and hope Alice has a soft landing!

  7. These stars look fantastic!!!!!.

  8. The stars are beautiful!! Is that Alice??!
    Well done on coming middle :)

  9. Eekkk! I LOVE them! Thank you, can't wait for the hand over. Good on ya for the middle of the road! Xox

  10. Yummy stars Judith - and I hate alterations too!

  11. Look at all that precision piecing - fabulous! I love the way you've used the fabric Terri sent - no wonder she loves them!

    I also hate alterations - particularly when someone says 'they only need half an inch off the bottom'...grrrr!


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