Monday, 21 May 2012

The Feet Are Out!

Time to celebrate! It's the first day 2012 of not wearing boots, or even socks!

The distance from my sewing room to my sun bathed garden is just too close today, so I'm sitting here, with my feet out, eating chocolate cake (thank you daughter no.1) and all is well in the Hollies' world!

I have done a wee bit of sewing this morning.

Danny needs help making pouches for girls and drawstring bags for boys for a very worthwhile cause taking place this summer. Check out her blog to read more about it, and sign up for a quick make with a huge impact.

The other things I've been working on I still can't show you yet!

I know, it's getting boring just seeing sneak peeks. But most of it relates to my Autumn programme, which won't be published until the end of next month.

However, my summer programme of classes is now available for all to see here.

If you fancy having a whole Saturday of sewing bliss & creative craic then check out some of my one-day workshops.
The Slouch Bag

'Miss Eddie' handbag

Christmas in August

I'll also be trying an Open Class for the first time, Thursday evenings throughout August. An open class gives you free reign to make whatever you like. It's also a great opportunity to give accumulating UFOs (unfinished objects) and WIPs (works in progress) some much needed attention. Just drop me an email if you'd like to sign up.

Well my friends, I hope wherever you are in the world, the sun is shining down on you.

Happy Monday!


  1. My feet are jealous enjoy the sunshine and the suspense is growing...

  2. Lovely red toenails! The sunshine is bliss but alas no seeing for me! Stephen has pointed out the the sewing room/study has turned into the room of all things unironed which is the contents of all 3 of our wardrobes which means I should b ironing not sitting drinking coffee in the sunshine oops!

  3. Don't post the naked toes photo! I did that last year and I have had some 'interesting' comments shall we say!!!!

  4. Oh How I wish that my toes could be out! It is still too cold here in the east. I have been contemplating getting the nail polish on and pretend it is summer! Lovely makes too! Di x

  5. Yay for sunshine - I have been wearing flip flops since that nice weather in March - today was the first time I haven't had cold or wet feet in a long while!

  6. Toes out? I've been out in coat, scarf and gloves this afternoon!!! I can't wait to see what you're making and good luck with the open class, it sounds great!

  7. You are making me jealous - I was stuck in the office today - no place to have toes out yet!

  8. Yay for tootsie freedom! I had my toes out in March and then had to put them away ever since! I've just jumped out the shower and noticed my toe nails need repolishing because a few months of boots have made them less than naked ready!

    I can't wait to see all these goodies you've been teasing us with!

  9. its been really chilly here today, so my feet have been cosied up in my shoes all day!

  10. Oooh Jude :-) That first slouch bag really makes me smile. Did I tell you that's all the way from my fave fabric shop in Lisbon? One of the last buys before I left! So glad you've had some sun today, amazingly enough I had an hour or so too! It was bliss.

  11. We had later afternoon/evening sunshine, but this morning it's glorious! Beautiful bags all round! I heard a story last night that UFO's are just Prepared Projects!

  12. Ahh, I thought I could smell something today wafting in on the wind... ;o)

  13. Very pretty toes and lovely pouches :)

  14. Your bags make me stop and stare every time. Just lovely.


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