Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Beginners and Samplers!

My beginner's class finished on Monday with a flourish! 

This particular group impressed me with their courage and fearlessness to try new things, and by the end of the course, most of them were walking away with a finished cushion (with zipper), doorstop, tote bag and a lot more confidence than they started with!

One of my student's doorstop and tote bag
Well done to you all, and I hope you will have many more happy sewing days ahead of you!

In other news this week has seen 2 more Bee Blessed quilts finished:

1. A Modern Sampler Quilt:

The back
2. A more traditional style Sampler Quilt:

There are homes and knees awaiting the comfort of these quilts, so they will be passed on this week.

Thank you to everyone who made and donated blocks to these quilts.  I hope you can find your blocks in the pictures, and know that they are part of an international collaboration, bringing comfort and blessing to families here in N.I.

There is still time to make the May block of the month for Bee Blessed, Converging Corners, if you'd like to make a donation.

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. Both quilts are lovely Jude, well done you!

  2. Oh yay! You managed to use my less colourful blocks. Pleased they are going to a good home.

  3. these quilts are gorgeous love them both and your beginners are doing great! x

  4. Lovely! Spotted mums blocks too :-) yay!

  5. Great quilts, and well done to your beginners too.

  6. Oh wow! They're great, Bee Blessed Ladies! Looking spectacular :)

  7. You put them together so well ! Great quilts!

  8. Fabulous makes all round :) x

  9. Well done to the beginners - I'm sure they don't have the fear because no-one's told them they should be scared yet!

    Great quilts :o)

  10. great quilts - sent my blocks off to Sarah today. Your 'beginners' have done very well!

  11. Love the quilts, and happy to see you spreading your magic!

  12. Lovely quilts :) You must be a great teacher, those beginners are very lucky!


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