Tuesday, 1 May 2012

A Kick and Punch!

It's the first of the month!

April has felt long to me, and yet when I look at my mosaic of makes, it doesn't look like it should have been!

I have been doing a bit of pattern writing and lots of admin too.

And I also made a name tag for my FQ Retreat swap partner.  I posted it out last week, but haven't heard if she's received it yet!

Throw in a few Bee Blessed projects and you'll know that I haven't just been sitting out in the garden enjoying all the lovely sunny weather no one in the rest of the UK has been getting!

I hope you've had a productive and satisfying month!

Linking up with Lynne's Sew Fresh Sewing Day.


  1. Stop with the sunny weather cracks! It's raining here again. ;-P

    Lovely makes as always and you never sit and relax as far as I can tell!

  2. Hey...you forgot your stained!! Lovely makes jude x

  3. Sitting in the garden... what is that I ask. Does anyone do that nowadays???? Your makes are once again lovely J. I do love those bags...your classes are going to have fun making them! Di xo

  4. Your mosaic looks lovely, the admin sounds boring and where I grew up it was a pinch and a punch!!!

  5. Ilove thetopmiddle bag andthe oranges bag

  6. Are you trying to wind us up? Mind you we had sunshine this afternoon!

    Quality perhaps rather than quantity this month - not that you produce anything else but quality Jude!

  7. Good mosaic Judith - I think we share weather - not much of the R word here either. makes a change, huh?

  8. Beautiful mosaic! I absolutely love that pillow!


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