Monday, 21 April 2014

Tea by the Sea!

Some of you may have noticed one of my offspring missing from recent photos.

She's been on holiday with friends, body boarding and surfing like the mad thing she is!

As a thank you to her 'mum for the week' I made her a 'seaside' themed zippy pouch and matching teabag wallet.

Thank you gifts for Claire

The teabag pouch is from Ayumi's book 'Patchwork Please' and a super quick wee make!

Teabag Pouch for Claire

The zippy pouch I made up as I went a long (as per usual!).  The Irish Linen worked well with some leftover 'Seascape' fussy cuts.  I especially like the sea turtles inside!

Zippy pouch for claire

I will be extracting said daughter on Wednesday, only to take her to the airport on Thursday!!  Ah the life of a 15 year old!

Jude xo


  1. Well one didn't like to mention that it seemed like you'd misplaced one ;o) Nice pressie though :o)

  2. I am sure she will be delighted with this, wonder where she is off to next

  3. does your daughter want to come and stay with me? lol x

  4. That's just the sweetest thing to do for her new 'mum' :-)

  5. These are great, what wonderful gifts!

  6. Super cute pouch! I love your blog and I also found it so heart-warming to read the post where you referred to Sunday as this 'glorious resurrection day'.

  7. I hope she's had a whale of a time and you manage to get her washing done before she flies away again!! Love the pouches and I bet her 'holiday mam' does, too!

  8. These are great presents, I am sure they will be loved. I have a small pouch that I received as a present about 2 years ago and I love it more than any I have made because it was made especially for me and I love hand made gifts.


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