Sunday, 27 April 2014

Oh la la!

All the lovely sunshine we've had recently has got me in a summery mood (don't worry, I know it won't last!).

My prescription sunglasses don't fold flat, which means they don't fit into a 3.5" flex frame pouch.  So I got hold of some 5" flex frames (from Thailand!!) and made my own sunnies pouch!

Sunglasses flex frame pouch

I've also got rope on order for some beach bags!

And lookie, lookie!

I can't quite believe I'm now the mortified owner of 2 tankinis!!  Yes there is a hot holiday in my near future, and yes I've been having major dilemmas about having so much flesh on show!  But it's either strip off or die of heatstroke.  Dying of embarrassment will have to be the lesser of 2 evils!!

Kids are back to school this week yippee! And I'm back to work!  But just look who's going to be my beautiful assistant for the summer!

Shannon finishes school this week (yikes) and she is now in training as my much needed PA!! Joy oh joy!

I'm so looking forward to having my gorgeous girl by my side!

Wishing you all a great start to the new week!

Jude xo


  1. I hope you have the best warm vacation. You daughter/assistant is beautiful, it will be lovely to get to work closely with her.

  2. Enjoy delegating! And making fun holiday lovelies!

  3. Have a fab holiday, and yay on the new glamourous assistant!

  4. have a wonderful holiday with plenty of sunshine, how good to have your beauioful daughter join you at work

  5. Love the little sunglasses case. Have fun with your assistant. x

  6. Hi Judith! I'm happy to see how happy and full of sunshine you are there! Fantastic swimsuits and the sunglass case is Super! I have the same issue with my glasses and should make NEW case. Could you share from where you buy those great 'frames' for the closing. Your summer will be wonderful with your sweet girsl! x Teje

  7. Have a fabulous holiday - I bet you're going to look fabulous in those tankinis!!

  8. don't forget the sun cream. your pa looks lovely, have fun working en famille

  9. It's amazing how the sun has turned our spirits upward, isn't it? It's been just glorious here in Galway. Long may it stay. Your little sun is adorable!


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