Sunday, 6 April 2014

Sunny Sunday Sewing!

It's been so long since I cut the grass in my garden, I stalled the lawnmower, twice, while going over some extra thick bits!!

But it was too good a day not to!  17 degrees in fact!!

Sewing with the window open is a particular pleasure of mine!

I got the next round of Brit Bee Medallion done, for Katy this month (sorry, only allowed to show you a sneaky peek!).

Brit Bee Medallion sneak peek for Katy! Apr14

4 paper pieced corner star blocks!

I also got a few wonky cross blocks made for an in-house Bee Blessed man quilt.

Wonky crosses blocks - Bee Blessed man quilt 2

So that's the sum total of my sunny Sunday sewing!

Hope you had a lovely day!

Jude xo


  1. Oooh, liking my sneaky peek there! I just finished my stars to send on

  2. like you the lawn mower has been out but so far twice not once, now of course it will keep growing! what a pain!
    Paper piecing not for me yet but like the wonky cross block, these must have been done before I joined in on the bee blessed blocks. Posted my 2 asterisks last week and glad to say Sara said they had arrived safely

  3. Love those blocks, envy your sunshine.

  4. Here's to sunny days with the windows open...oh and some sewing of course :)

  5. We've had rain most of the day, looking forward to some sun! Your blocks both look gorgeous x

  6. Lucky you with the sun and sewing, and good effort with the lawn xxx

  7. 17 degrees!?!? Send some of that down here, please. Love your cross blocks - is that denim? Looks so good!


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