Wednesday, 23 April 2014


I was reunited with daughter no.2 today, up at the glorious north coast!

Portballintrae Apr14
It was another fabulous warm and sunny day!

Portballintrae 23Apr14

We will definitely be visiting here again in the summer!

In other news, I've got the Scrumptuous Half Hexie quilt quilted.  I'm dithering over the binding, but a looming deadline will make me decide soon!

Scrumptuous Half Hexie quilted

Jude xo


  1. gorgeous girls, all four of you :) Love the quilt too.

  2. I'm smiling back at your lovely smiling faces :) beautiful quilt too x

  3. looks like glorious weather for your day with your daughter. look forward to seeing the half hexie quilt when the binding is done

  4. Hi Judith! You and your girls look so great and happy! Beautiful quilt, too! x Teje

  5. Such happy pictures! Big grins back at ya! Xx

  6. Yay, looks like a lovely day :o)

  7. Happy days. I still haven't made up my mind how I feel about half hexies. On one hand they are really quick to run up, bu ton the other they don't have completely matching patterns and I am a bit ocd about this.


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