Friday, 31 August 2012

Twice Queenie!

I'm thoroughly enjoying my role as Queen of the Bees, giving out orders to my minions!

Not content to order 11 Hipbees around to my creative bidding, I'm also September Queen bee in Sew Bee Happy!

This is a bee where we use out of our own stash and scraps, so I've asked the super talented SBH ladies to each make me one of these:

The ladies will keep to a colourway they were previously allocated, so I should end up with 11 more rainbow crazy patchwork blocks.

I've decided to donate these blocks to Bee Blessed, and to make this the Bee Blessed September block of the month also.

So, for all of our amazing Bee Blessed supporters out there, here is Aneela's fab tutorial on how to make a crazy patchwork block.

All I ask is that you stick to one colourway, make the centre section 10.5" unfinished, and then add plain white borders to bring the block up to 12.5" (please no white on white, or kona snow).  A good tip is to cut your border strips 2" wide (i.e. wider than you need) which makes it easier to then trim the block down to 12.5".

This is a great scrap buster block (my fav!) and I know the Bee Blessed ladies will have fun with this one too when we meet up on 15th.

Looking forward to seeing all your fabulous blocks!


  1. Such a pretty block Judith! I'll have fun playing with my scraps for some of these! I better finish that pile of tiles first!

  2. this blocks looks fab! your highness!! lol x

  3. I'm loving both your block choices your highness! I also won a bag of scraps in a giveaway and have been itching for a project to use them as there are some really fun fabrics in there. But this has just reminded me I need to go order some plain white fabric as I've run out!

  4. Great block choice - again!

  5. What great colors and patterns in your new block!

  6. Ark at you!
    I love making those wonky blocks - I will add you to my list xxx

  7. Look forward to having a go at the new block.

  8. Jude - I am making some of these bee blessed blocks tonight, but wanted to check out about the white material. I have to confess usually I use whatever white I have in my drawer, possible old pillow cases etc!! But what are the whites you want me to avoid?? I have finished one block and done the borders with white fabric that Trudi passed on to me, but would you rather I left my next block without borders, or just used whatever white I have?

  9. Oh Gawd, more wonkiness! Lovely block Jude, truly :-)


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