Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Ain't nothing going on but the rent!

“Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.” Dr. Seuss

Well it's back to school time in our house this week!  Some of us are smiling more than others!

I'm aware I have been a bit more silent than usual on my blog recently.  I prefer to keep the majority of my blogs about creative things, and as I haven't made much recently, there hasn't been much to blog about!

This is the first summer I have worked right through.  The classes have been well attended and great fun, and it's been lovely getting to know some new folks too.

But now it's admin time, getting ready for the new term of classes and projects which start next week (you can get the full list of classes here).

This will mean lots of pattern writing, as well as testing new patterns and ideas for the 2013 programme (which usually comes out after Hallowe'en).

And I'm not the only one who has been industrious this summer.  Shannon, my eldest daughter has been beavering away on her fimo creations, and has some new stock in her Etsy shop, some of you quilters might want to have a peek at!

Quilting row markers!

I know what's going on my Christmas list this year!

She returns to school tomorrow, so won't be able to take custom orders during term time, but she will still be keeping the shop stocked up in fimo goodness!

Well, I will be posting about some new bee blocks for September over the next few days.  I might even get something made!

I hope my international friends are staying safe from bad boy Isaac, and that those closer to home are enjoying the last official week of summer!


  1. Shannon obviously has her mother's creative streak. She has a good business there. Hope the return to school goes well. I don't like it when mine go back. Di x

  2. Oh Jude, I hope you've been able to figure in a day with your feet up coming soon!!! X

  3. Hope you get time to sit down and put your feet up for a few minutes, listening to the silence before you are full tilt into doing again.

  4. Oh the girl is a genius! You have educated her well!

  5. Help ma boab! Your girl has your creative streak in spades does she not! Clever, clever girl.

  6. I wonder whose smile is the broadest?!

  7. Love those row markers, perfect!

  8. I couldn't resist those row markers! Can't wait to put them to use!

  9. Shannon never ceases to amaze me!! such talent! can't wait to see what you come up with for us Hipbees! x

  10. I love Shannon's work!!! Please make sure you get a rest sometime ;o)

  11. Gonna have to get me somma those row counters.. The girls a genius!

  12. Shannon and you make a great creative team! Knock 'em dead sisters!


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