Saturday, 4 August 2012

A Vintage Celebration!

It was a golden day for our atheletes today, and it was a mini golden day for me too!

I found out today my Mini Brit Quilt ('Sing Your Song') picture made it onto Flickr Explore!

'Explore' is the top 200 most interesting pictures selected from the hundreds of thousands downloaded that day!

This is my 4th Explore pic!  Not bragging or anything!!

And another cause for celebration is reaching 200 followers!  Thank you all for showing an interest in my ramblings and creations!  I never think I've anything of much interest to say, so thank you for sticking with me!

The sun shone all day today (can we have a cheer please?), which gave me no end of problems trying to photograph this:

This is the vintage sheets quilt top for my niece, but despite trying several locations, I just wasn't able to capture the beautiful soft colours in the quilt.  Isn't it funny how some fabrics are just harder to photograph accurately than others!

It won't be that easy to tell, but there is an intentional colourway happening in the quilt, starting with the dark pink centre and working out in colourbands from there (green, orange, blue, pink, yellow).

And this is another 'soon to be quilt top' laid out on my design board, ready for me to sew together. 

This one is for me and I love it! 

I've stuck to the colourbands design again, just changing the order according to the charm squares I had leftover.  I even cut up my Liberty handkerchief that big sis bought me for my birthday, and put it in there! 

Perhaps I'll call this one 'A few of my favourite things!'

Hope you've had a wonderful Saturday!


  1. And Paul McCartney sung Hey Jude - maybe for you?
    Well done you, a good day for sure.x

  2. You cut up a Liberty Hanky??? The rest of what you said is a blank ;)

    (All brilliant - well done x).

  3. They are both looking stunning, I really must get on and start another quilt, I have just been dithering! Have you got plans for the backings?

  4. the quilt looks fabulous. and well done with flickr explore, very well deserved

  5. Lovely quilt top, and the one thats going to be too :-) And congrats on the Explore!

  6. The quilt and the soon to be quilt look fab. Just caught Hadley's comment above and she will be horrified to read I've cut up Liberty Hankies before now - two I think! Congratulations on explore and the follower count!

  7. I love it and I see the deliberate colours now but they subtle and lovely!

  8. Such a gorgeous quilt - I'm glad you're keeping the next one! Congratulations on Explore and 200 followers!

  9. Congrats on your exploration and following posse! The quilts look fab :o)

  10. I can see the coloured squares - it looks great, and congrats on the followers!

  11. It's so Cute! Recognise one of the fabrics ;)

  12. it is like a game of i-spy spotting the vintage sheets I have too!

  13. Congrats, Judith, both on your flickr triumph and on another fabulous quilt! It's stunning!

  14. Congrats on explore! Love your vintage sheets quilt - this is everything a good quilt should be beautiful and soothing and fun!


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