Saturday, 11 August 2012

Modern Maud's Autumn Debut!

I'm always trying to strike the right balance of projects across my classes, and so I thought I'd give Modern Maud a wee go in my Monday evening class.

The basic construction of this bag is straightforward, but what I like about it is all the features you can add in to it.

As well as covering how to strengthen and stiffen your bag, I'll be teaching how to insert a zippered pocket into the lining ....

and how to attach 'feet' to the bottom of your bag:

This is a really sturdy shopper which could have endless uses.

If you live locally to me and are interested in this class, just drop me an email at

The class starts on 8th October.


  1. Hope you get lots of takers :-)

  2. Loving modern maud!! I bet if I made this I would use it all the time! My rainy day bag is so useful.. Xx

  3. This would be a great class to take so I hope you get lots of takers!

  4. I sure wish I could come, I love those feet.

  5. Love those extra features!

  6. I'm gonna put you forward for teaching bags at FQR retreat next ! Lo ing modern maud!

  7. Maud, you shall go to the ball! I'm sure your students will produce an awesome collection, as always :o)

  8. Can't you come over here and teach us ?

    She looks great but I can't be disloyal to Martha!

  9. Smashing bag Judith, it'll make a good class.


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