Friday, 5 August 2011

Wonky Star Cushion

For my Friday morning class, I wanted a project that would introduce them to zippers.

Inserting zippers into cushions is much easier than most people think, and I find this is a great way to start breaking down those fears of zippers.

Wonky stars are popular in the quilting world at the moment, so I designed an 18" cushion with an 'opposite' pattern on the back.

I will adjust the pattern slightly for the class, making the centre star smaller and the final border wider (which can't really be seen in these pics!).
I have used linen here, but I don't recommend this for anyone who considers themselves a beginner/basic level sewer.  Linen has a lot of movement and natural 'fluidity' which requires much patience and control when working with it.
The zipper in this cushion is 'hidden' in the bottom.  

As long as you have a zipper foot for your machine, you can make this project.
Zipper feet vary in shape and size depending on the make/model of machine you are using.

My zipper foot looks like this....

But they can also look like these .....

If in doubt, Google your make/model of machine or look up the manual that came with it, and you will find listed the zipper foot and how to attach it.

The design & quilting possibilities for this wee cushion are many.  I've only used 3 fabrics, but you could easily introduce more e.g. make your star scrappy with different fabrics, or have one large border instead of 3 thin ones.  You could even keep all your fabrics plain and let the quilting lines do the talking!

This project will kick off in October on Friday mornings.  

Looking forward to taking you through it.


  1. That's a lovely cushion and a great design because the finished result looks much more complicated that it is. I really should use zips in my sewing more because I don't do it enough to build confidence. I may try one on my next cushion!
    Teresa x

  2. Oooh concealed zips - one for another day!

  3. PS.. Lovely cushion (got a bit carried away on the zipper, sorry!).

  4. Great cushion to teach zippers with!

  5. And where was this info two weeks ago as I stared at my zipper in terror? Hmmmm? Your cushion is lovely and I will suck up any and all info like a sponge.

  6. Another great class in the making.

  7. I love your cushion. I have conquered my fear of zips, but havn't tried concealed zips .....

  8. Your cushion is beautiful! Good luck with the class x

  9. Brilliant project for your Fri am class. And, having been taught the concealed zip by you earlier this year, I know they'll love it and be so chuffed with themselves when the zips are in!

  10. really nice cushion and great to see wonky stars!! mine have always been a little wonky!


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