Saturday, 6 August 2011

Bee Blessed

Exciting News!

My friend Sarah & I are setting up a new quilting venture called Bee Blessed.
This is a charity quilting bee, where folks can either come along to a group that meets in a home, or participate via Flickr.

The purpose of this group is to make quilts and other projects that we can gift to needy families/people/groups in our local area.

Starting in September, we aim to meet once every 3 weeks, and we will kick off in my house on Saturday 10th September, 2pm - 5pm.  Anyone is welcome to come along for a bit of chat, tea & scones, and of course some purposeful sewing!  

I know that there is always a great response to charity bees out there in blogland, and so we would love for fellow bloggers to be involved too.
I am starting up a flickr group called Bee Blessed.  If you would like to support us by making the required blocks or donating fabric, please feel free to grab our button and post what you make on Flickr.  We will aim to post pics of all our finished projects on Flickr.

Our first project will be cot quilts made from wonky star blocks.  I will soon be posting the block requirements, but I want to show you the most gorgeous wonky star block quilt made by my friend Susan.  What an inspiration!  AND she hand quilted it!

Another friend of mine knows the head Social Worker in Belfast, who has details of the most needy mums in our area & who will most benefit from a cot quilt for baby.

I realise that the needs of some folks out there is massive, especially during these hard financial times.  A small quilt or similar gift may be a drop in the ocean of what is needed, but we hope that our Bee Blessed gifts will bring some light and hope into otherwise dark and sad places. 

So watch this space for more information on our first project (& please be patient with me as I try to figure out how to set up & administer a flickr group!!! Helpful suggestions from those of you in the know always gratefully received!).


  1. Brilliant idea. You are too far away from me, but I'll be willing to donate blocks.

  2. I think Bee Blessed is a wonderful idea!! Too bad I live across the ocean! But i do know of a couple local sites that I can donate to (when i get my act together). I haven't taken the plunge into flickr yet (just a few views). I would imagine that quilts--especially since they're homemade--are very special and appreciated by those in need. Looking forward to seeing how it comes along!

  3. What a lovely idea, I love the wonky cotbed quilt, I want to make one of those, they are gorgeous! Fi

  4. Lovely idea, look forward to hearing more about it!

  5. this is a great idea. I was given a whole heap of fabric a while ago to make things for our local hospice to sell. I havn't done any for a while and you have spurred me on - hopefully I will have something to show at the end of the day!

  6. Great idea Judith - will it operate like a virtual bee with blocks each month, or more like something you dip in and out of? I'd be interested :-)

  7. Wonderful idea, if there is a way for me to help, I would love to.

  8. That sounds excellent! I haven't signed up to something like this before but willing to have a go!

  9. Count me in - and thanks for showing my quilt. Did you get the fabric I sent for the bee? The really ugly stuff?!?!


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