Wednesday, 31 August 2011

On a Roll!

It's back to school time in the Hollies' Household!

My 2 oldest girls return to school today, and the 'baby' starts her final year of Primary School tomorrow (where did the time go?)!

This means I will be able to get some guilt free work done, instead of letting them vegetate in front of the TV while I run up another project.

While I can't yet show you what I'm currently working on (all will be revealed in time), I can show you something I ran up a couple of weeks ago, as a potential teaching project.

A Jewellery Roll:

There are pockets for rings, bracelets & brooches, as well as loops for necklaces and a felt flap for earrings.

I've had several requests for one of these, so thought I'd have a go.  I'm wondering is it a little on the long side, but the advantage of this means you can get lots of different types of jewellery into the one roll.

With wadding inside, it keeps the jewellery well protected.
So if you are travelling, or heading away for that wonderful romantic weekend away (dream on!), then this would be a practical little accessory.

I'm sorry I can't write a tutorial for this one, as it is on my list of patterns to sell (watch this space!).

Hope you all have a Wonderful Wednesday!


  1. Your jewellery roll is a great idea, you go for it Judith!

  2. Very nice too x
    School already!? We have to wait until next Tuesday!

  3. Your jewellery roll is beautiful!

  4. It will make a great pattern to sell. I love that jewellery roll!

  5. Go for it girl! It looks pretty fab :-)

  6. Looking good missus! I like that each of the necklaces has a pocket bit at the bottom to sit in. Clever :-)

  7. Super roll Judith. I have a list like that, just need the time............

  8. Definitely a pattern to publish - it's great! I agree with Sarah - love the necklace/bracelet pockets!

  9. This would be such a fab gift! Great design!

  10. It's great, Judith! This would be really handy to travel with. Can't wait for the pattern....


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