Thursday, 18 August 2011

Another Pouch, sorry!

My middle daughter is a keen football fan.  She loves playing it, and supports Division 3 Bournemouth Town (the fact that her daddy is from there is of no consequence!!).

That means that when she wants me to make her stuff, it's usually in the Bournemouth (aka 'The Cherries') team colours - red & black.

First there was a bag to carry her books in:

Sorry about the dark pics!  It's evening time.
Then she wanted a long cushion for her bed, with a footie theme, to match her bedroom:

Took me ages machine stitching those footballs!
And the other day, she saw me working on my corduroy pouches, thought they were amazing (bless) and hastily put in her request for one to house her DS and mobile phone when she's travelling in the car.

So I let her pick out her fabrics (red & black of course) and the buttons (she designed the ribbon stripes) and voila!

She's over the moon with it.  The cow print fabric is a fq she bought me for my birthday.  How fitting to be able to put it into one of her makes (or did she always intend that, mmmmm?).


  1. Isn't it great that she is interested enough to help you design it! Love the pouch, and all her other red and black things.

  2. Brilliant stack of makes there :-) Sounds like the cow print was predestined to be used like that! And why not eh, it fits the pouch perfectly!

  3. I bet she loves it when a plan comes together! Smart girl x

  4. Hi Judith-- I had trouble posting a comment before, but I think it had more to do with my computer than with Blogger b/c my husband was working on his computer (which is networked with mine). Anyway... No need to apologize for making another pouch (you are Rags To Bags, after all)-- I love what you made for your daughter!! She gave her input, so I'm sure its extra special to her. KEEP THE DOG AWAY FROM YOUR NEW MAKES!!

  5. I love the bag and the pouch, nice to have your daughter appreciate the things you make.


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