Monday, 22 August 2011


Yes, I've fallen for it again.

I've signed up for a swap AND another QAL (Quilt-a-Long)!  What am I like!  I need therapy!

I could renege all responsibility and blame it on my other blogger friends, who have signed up too!

Let me justify my actions (well one of them anyway!).

My new friend, Sarah of Fairy Face Designs, is a fellow (& v.talented) Irish woman who is jointly hosting a QAL with Jennifer of Ellison Lane Quilts called Across the Sea.

I like the simplicity of this pattern, I like Sarah, I have a cot quilt to make for a friend - is that justification enough?

Here are my chosen 'boy' fabrics.

Signing up for Fluffy Sheep's Goodies Swap was a purely impulsive 'because I like making small things and giving them away' justification (I'm so weak!).

We will only have to make 2 items for 2 people - a mugrug each (love making these cuties) and one other small item each.  I'm sure I can manage that on time (famous last words!).

Anyway, I have lots of ideas from recent small makes that I could draw on for this swap.

Hope you are joining in too!

Before I finish, just time to tell you about a giveaway my friend Karen is doing.  Check out her fab stash of Creative Grids equipment she's giving away - some really useful stuff in there!


  1. Love the post title! I just saw your fabric on flickr and snorted. She's in, thought I. Ha!

    PS: I just sent an invite to half my flickr contacts to join your Bee Blessed. Hope some of them do.

  2. Ha ha! Love your post title too, and I think that the same shall apply to me as I just can't resist Cindy's swap :-) Thanks for the lovely words btw xx so glad you're joining in!

  3. Well I already joined the QAL. That block looks much the same as the modern crosses but with far less work, so I am keen to give it a try. I am going to pass on the swap for now.

  4. I love a bit of peer pressure xxx

  5. I've joined both too..oh what have I got myself into!

  6. I caved too - for the Mugrug swap - nevermade one before!!

  7. I've joined up with Cindy but I'm trying to resist the across the sea... although I have to admit I did spend about an hour this morning going thru my stash to see if I just happened to have an obvious choice for it...

  8. You are the queen of making lovely little goodies - your swap partners will be so lucky!


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