Monday, 29 August 2011

Mugrug Fun!

I love mugrugs!

They are really just mini quilts, an excuse to get down and creative on a small scale.  But they make great wee gifts too.

I recently made this one for my friend Sarah, whose birthday I missed!

Sarah recently encouraged me to try out some new/modern hexie designs that have been floating around the Hex-a-long flickr group.  I was delighted with how this one turned out (check out a great tutorial for this hexagon here).

If you are wondering 'why the monkey face?' it's not because Sarah has a particular fettish for them (at least I don't think so!), but this is her profile icon for her fab blog and flickr page.  

If you've never visited Sarah's blog - check it out!  Sarah has an amazing ability to make even sewing disasters sound funny!  She's a very talented quilter, writer, Brit Bee member & friend.

You may remember I signed up to the Small Goodies Swap being hosted by Fluffy Sheep.  This involves making a mugrug & small goodie for 2 people.

We've all now been assigned our partners - I'm really pleased with who I've got but I'm sworn to secrecy.  All will be revealed at the end of September.

Suffice to say, I have already started on one of the mugrugs ....

....and have some ideas on what small goodies to make too.

All will be revealed in time!

Enjoy your bank holiday Monday, Brits.


  1. Everyone is hard at work on the swap and I don't even know who my partners are yet! Should have brought my machine, and all my fabric, and...

  2. I am mulling over ideas - but not started actually sewing yet. Well done for getting going - your monkey mugrug is so cute and my curiosity is piqued for this new one!

  3. awww sweetie you're making me blush! I do so love my mugrug too, thank you :-) Whoever you've got in the goodies swap will be very lucky!

  4. Yay for Sarah and her lovely mug rug x
    You have a pair of lucky partners!

  5. Ooh, this is lovely. Love the hexie shape!!

  6. It's really cute! You're upping the bar for the rest of the group with your little hexie mug rug. Can't wait to see what you make for the swap!

  7. I love the monkey mug rug for Sarah! Your partners are so lucky!!

  8. Oooooohhhh hexies and a mug rug in one - sweet nectar! Looks great!

  9. Perfect mug rug - just knew it was for Sarah.

  10. Oh the mug rug is so fun! I want to try it now!!

  11. This is the first hexie mug rug I've seen and I think it's great! And the colours are all my favourite autumn shades. Not sure about the monkey though, ha ha :-)
    Teresa x


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