Thursday, 21 July 2011

A Step Back In Time!

Last night I decided I would indulge in a little hand sewing while watching utter rubbish on TV!

I've picked out some vintage inspired fabrics (some are genuinely old!) to get started on my hexies (part of the Hex-A-Long being hosted by Lily's Quilts).

While rummaging through the 'stuff everything into it and forget about it' drawer, I came across my old hexie templates and even some old papers I'd used before, as well as some gems that a family member had passed onto me a few years ago.

Scissors still in their original leather zippered pouch!  And that's velour in the lining!

I think this is a heron?

The cutest thing ever .... look what they become ....

Tiny fold out scissors - and they're really sharp!!

Most of the original needles are still there!

And what could this be?

A needle canister!
There's something about English Paper Piecing that stirs up romantic notions of an era gone by!  So I decided to make this project truly historical and vintage by combining really old (but fully funtioning) equipment with my vintage inspired fabrics.

And so, with a vintage tin to keep everything in, I'm sorted and ready to hex-a-long!

Happy Hexing!


  1. Isn't it fun finding stuff! I love the needle cannister and the heron scissors, beautiful.

  2. Yes I love the Heron scissors too. So ornate :-)Also the facial expression of the lady in blue on the needle case. Shes like "Prick me with that needle Susan and I will let my cat loose to piddle on your petunias".

  3. What a treasure of vintage things. Personally, I think the Sewing Susan must be of the best quality. ;-)

  4. Have fun hex-ing! I love all the goodies you uncovered!

  5. what great finds! Love the fabrics that you have chosen too

  6. What a lovely haul of forgotten things, delicious, especially those heron scissors and the needle canister.

  7. Loving the vintageness, can just picture you in pencil skirt, twinset and pearls stitching away :-)

  8. What a gorgeous needle canister! Love your totally vintage themed hex-a-long plans. Your fabrics will look great as hexagons.

  9. I lovelovelove your vintage sewing notions. You have to win the prize for cutest hexie tin. And your fabric choices for the HAL are beautiful!!


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