Monday, 11 July 2011

100th Post & Crafty Kids!

I started blogging at the very end of December, after being tempted lurred inspired by my good friend Sarah of Sew Me.

Today is post no. 100!  Woohoo!  

Amazing, because I really don't ever think I've got that much to say, nothing terribly interesting anyway (I can churn out shed loads of nonsense!).

I was hoping to have a giveaway to mark said achievement, however the particular item I'm planning to giveaway hasn't arrived in the post yet!  Sorry, but I will hopefully be able to do the giveaway soon.

So you will have to make do with a round up of a crafty day spent with my kids yesterday.  

Hubbie and no.2 daughter were both away this weekend, so the house was unusually quiet!!

We started off in my sewing room (gone are the days when play dough and finger paints would entertain for hours!), where my youngest made a pincushion for her friend's birthday ...

The only part I played in this was the rotary cutting and hand sewing it closed!  She did everything else herself!
....while the big girl got all arty with fabric scraps and my soldering iron!

Next, the 'baby' wanted a go with said soldering iron (eek!) ..............

Melting off the top layer to get lots of texture!

Ta dah!
....while the big girl did something similar with water soluble fabric.

Then we moved downstairs to the dining room table and got felting!  Great fun!

The 'baby's' works - I suggested some stitching over them but she likes them as is!

The Big Girl's felted beads - part of her GCSE Art & Textile module.
As for me, I was hoping for a sneaky nap yesterday afternoon - no chance!

I got a hanging sleeve put on to my Eye Spy Quilt and No.3 daughter is delighted to now be displaying it in the perfectly sized recess above her bed!

I spy with my little eye, something beginning with ............... T!
She's looking forward to many games of Eye Spy at bedtime!

Hope you all had a creative weekend!


  1. What fantastically creative girls you have and what a wonderful day with them. There is something truly special going on when you share your crafts with your children and they are properly interested. To me it strengthens the bonds between parent and child. Lucky you.

  2. 100 posts: whoo hoo, well done! I love the pincushion. Isn't it great when you can all do something together

  3. What a fantastic craft day, can I be one of your girls next time?! Very keen on whatever was going on with the soldering iron.. details please!

  4. Wow, your girls are very talented, the pincushion is fab! Congrats on 100 posts :-)

  5. Congratulations to your 100th. When I read your post I thought I must check if I reached it yet as I know I am close....well I reached and missed it last Sunday...oh dear. I will have to think of a giveaway sharpish then.

  6. I want to come to your house, that sounds like craft heaven! I am very impressed with the pin cushion and the fabric art, well done all of you..and congrats on 100, I'm on 60ish posts so a little way to go!

  7. Sounds like a fun creative day with the girls. Love how focussed they both are on the felting and am wowed by B's pincushion - great job!

  8. Nearly forgot, congrats on your 100th post - sorry for luring you in!

  9. Tractor?
    Congratulations centurion!

    Very talented girlies you lot - I can't wait for mine to enjoy something other than destroying things!

  10. Sounds like you are having fun! That quilt looks perfect on the wall and I really love that pincushion! Congratulations on 100 posts, I enjoy reading your blog and look forward to the next 100.

  11. Congratulations on 100 posts!
    What creative girls you have and what fun they had!!

  12. Congratulations on your 100th post! and that felting looks fantastic,brings back some memories of Friday at the Met!


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