Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Fluttering Hearts and High Blood Pressure!

I've had one of those days.

You know the ones where you wake up feeling energised and ready to get a lot done, but as the day goes on, everything gradually unravels?  'The best laid plans ....' and all that!

I'll spare you the infinite details, but they boil down to this:

1. Trying 2 fabric shops looking for a particular shade of green fabric for a class project - fail!

2. Making a start on said project regardless, but sewing 100 hsts to 100 rectangles before realising the hsts were meant to be cut in half again, making 200 hsts to sew on either end of the rectangles - fail!

3. Getting myself comfortable to work over lunch & unpick horrid hst mistake, when my parents call for an impromptu 2 hour visit - lovely to see them, but no work done - fail!

So this evening, I recut the unpicked hsts, put them to one side, and made 2 applique heart blocks for Caroline's Heart Appeal instead - Success!

Plus, the sun shone ALL day - yippee!

So not a total failure of a day!


  1. Gah! That HST error must be so galling. Hope you're able to put your feet up, rest up, do some unpicking and tomorrow is a new day and all that. hugs x

  2. Bah I think that the HST moment would be a screaming moment for me! Glad you ended your day with a success though!

  3. I would have thrown them on the ground and stomped them! Geez, when will sewing projects learn to speak up :)

    The applique is cute! Some success is better than no success at all.

  4. Oh no! I would have been turning the air blue! And then redesigning the prupose of the HSTs and the rectangles to see if I could get away with how they were. What a day! Your hearts are truly gorgeous and make mine look decidedly boring. Hope tomorrow brings you more sunshine and less problematic sewing stuff.

  5. Time for a large glass of your fabourite tipple! Your hearts are beautiful! Tommorrow will be better :) Hugs x

  6. The hearts are fab but I feel your pain on the HSTs!!

  7. Okay (stern voice now) less of that horrid word 'fail' - get it off your blog! Today had frustrating learning opportunities but tomorrow you won't be doing the same thing again and progress will be made! On your side, Lovely - what a pants start to the day. I love your patchy hearts!

  8. Speaking with a doctor is lot more easier .

  9. Oh dear-- the HST mistake sounds pretty dreadful-- esp since you were making 100s of them! I often feel that I never accomplish what I set out to for the day or lose the wind in my sail when life and other things "get in the way." (In my case, I think its part of learning to live with depression and that I have some very low-energy days.) I like Sarah's response to you. And I love your applique hearts. Good for you for your persistence into the night-- and I'm glad you opted to re-cut the HSTs rather than undo all the ones you had made! Here's hoping for a more productive day tomorrow (which is actually today when I'm writing this).


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