Monday, 18 July 2011

Log Cabin Cushions Completed

I finally got the last of my lounge cushions finished today (or 'pillows' for my international friends!).

I've pieced & quilted 10 fronts & backs, and button holed 2 envelope backs, using a mixture of new fabrics (my winnings!) and chopped up clothes e.g. corduroy skirts, trousers, & other clothes belonging to my family!

Here's the first set - 2 x 22" log cabin cushions and 2 x 18" scrappy stripped cushions.

These 4 cushions all have zippers
And the purple set - 2 x 18" cushions with button hole envelope backs.

My daughter's corduroy trousers & some old duffel buttons made the perfect envelope band!
It's lovely seeing them on my previously 'naked' sofa.

Now I just have to keep the dog off them!!  (easier said than done!).


  1. Ooooooh! Your cushions/pillows are all beautiful!! Enjoy using them! Watch out for that dog!! (You could maybe spray them with some bitter apple to keep him/her away-- but not sure how it would affect the fabric).

  2. They look absolutely brilliant Judith!! Love the cordoroy you added in. Now, take the dog (gently) by the ears and have a word with him. No more chewing of quilted goods - ever!

  3. Very ingenious, and very beautiful, and zips too! Well done. (Now just show the dog the sack and the bricks!).

  4. These are fantastic! LOVE cord :-)

  5. These must look amazing in your room - they're all so lovely! Flying Blind is sure into tough love! But yes, keep Poppy away from these beauties.

  6. These pillows are great Judith! I would love to see a tutorial for making them!

  7. These pillows are all so lovely

  8. These are beautiful!! In addition to great fabric choices, your cushions are so nicely made: great corners, excellent zips...I'm so impressed :)

    I want to thank you too for the sweet comment on my blog (enchanted bobbin). I really appreciate it, and now I'm having fun exploring yours!

  9. Now aren't they just the Bees Knees! Beautiful!


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