Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Dreadfully behind!

I have been extremely busy this week designing and making projects for my next program of classes, starting in September, as well as preparing for new classes this week, as well as trying to keep 3 bored kids happy without feeling like a really selfish, guilty mum (actually I think Guilt just comes with the Placenta)!

Next week I hope to do a series of posts on the new projects that I'll be teaching, with some pics of course (oh but that means I'll have to get them all made -eeek!).

Anyway, I didn't wanted you to think I've been spending all my time sunbathing in this glorious, grey summer we've been having!!

Tomorrow night is the start of the Beach Huts Cushion class:

This is a great wee project to introduce folks to Foundation Piecing (one of my favs!).

Despite our cold, drab weather, I'm hoping this sunny project will make us all feel brighter!

So because of all this hard work, I'm ridiculously behind in my Kaleidoscope Quilt (a QAL being hosted by Don't Call Me Betsy) and I haven't even picked out fabrics for the recent Hex-A-Long (hand sewn hexies). 

Here's as far as I've got with my Kaleidoscope quilt:

I'm doing my usual 'changing the design as I go along' thing, seeing what it looks like as I go.  I just need a bit more 'go'!

On Sunday I try not to do work stuff, and if I get any free time, I'll try and work on other WIPs.  

So I got Crazy Daughter Quilt basted.  I used basting spray for the first time, following the instructions of my LQS to do it over the ironing board, bit by bit, ironing it down as I go.  

This technique pretty much worked, but as with doing anything with large quilts, it took a chunk of effort and time. The effectiveness of it will be tested by the quilting - whenever I get round to it!

So that's it for now.

Sorry if this has been a bit moany!  I'm tired and need a holiday (or just some rays would do!)


  1. Love the pillow (I mean cushion!!). And for bored kids, you could always tell them it could be worse - they could live with a mother who banned all electronics!!

  2. Judith - that cushion is fabulous.......I am at a similar stage, only 4 weeks until my new session starts but Christmas in July to come first - eek!!

  3. Judith, moany? not at all! Does sound like you've been incredibly busy though :-) Sounds like we're gonna be getting some very interesting posts too, which I look forward to!

  4. The cushion is beautiful; you have done more on the Kaleidalong than me and I told you snow angels were the best way to baste!
    Can't wait to see all the other things you have on the boil x

  5. So looking forward to the beach huts cushion class and whatever else you have up your clever sleeves to keep me, sorry your classes, occupied throughout the autumn! Hang in there, friend.

  6. Your cushion is so cute!! Where do you buy your basting spray by the way?

  7. Love, love, love your beech hut cushion! Wish I could come to your class! (I'm feeling the pressure too, but have a whole week off soon!)

  8. You have some great stuff here. I especially love the penants on the back of the pillows.

  9. love the cushion, especially the detail on the back, please remember to show us some finished projects from your students :)

  10. What a cute pillow! I'd love to make one to remind me of summer when it isn't. It would look good on a porch swing.


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