Monday, 25 July 2011

Have a Heart!

Caroline of Serenity Quilts is having a Heart Appeal in aid of Cancer Research.

Basically she needs as many folks as possible to make & send her a simple 8" square with an appliqued heart on it.  Caroline will then make up quilts to auction.  She wants to raise £400 in August, and has many personal reasons for doing so.  

My mum is recovering from breast cancer so I definitely wanted to support Caroline in her efforts.

I already know what type of heart I'm going to do.  Here's a mini version I made a few weeks back:

If you would like to help in a really easy way, please check out Caroline's blog for more info.  She'd love your support.


  1. I saw carolines blog over the weekend and whipped up a couple of blocks. Love those hearts of yours though!

  2. I've told her I will fit heart making into my 'time off' this week.

  3. I started mine 2 weeks ago... I WILL get it finished this week :-)


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