Tuesday, 28 October 2014

No Chance of a Lie In!

It is half term week here in N.Ireland, but there's no chance of a lie in!  Oh no!

The Roads Service have taken up camp outside my house, with their pneumatic drills and diggers, hammering right into my brain from 7.45am each morning!!  I can even feel their vibrations right through my house!!   Aagghh!

There's nothing else for it but to get up and get sewing!

I've been pattern testing for a friend using these ....

Pattern testing

... all will be revealed in good time!

Some Brit Bee Medallion sewing ....

Brit Bee Medallion for Sarah Sept14

.... again, can't show you the full picture, all top secret!

And a few hot water bottle covers, for New Year class samples (sorry, forgot to take a picture of the other one before it went into the shop where I'm teaching!).

Hot Water Bottle Cover

This is made with cosy flannel and I'm pleased to finally get to use one of my recycled duffle buttons!

Hot water bottle cover

I also got my Bee Blessed block for November made (go me!) but more of that at the end of the week!

So I guess I have the annoying workmen outside to thank for my productivity!

Jude xo


  1. Ohh you tease. Those fabrics look fabulous with the pink zipper. I've forgotten what it's like to sleep past 7am... one day when he's a teenager I might be able to make that happen... ;)

  2. the geometric fabric is lovely, so colourful, also the bee project looks mighty interesting. would be interested in knowing more about the British Bee club

  3. hope you have all your cut glass crystal and fine china nailed down with all the hammering outside!
    Your Brit Bee is looking good

  4. We have the drills on the other side of the street in the school. It is annoying and I can not believe how the cildren can study there. But it gets you out of bed :D

  5. You always make such awesome samples- to add to the glasses case I also want a hot water bottle cover!

  6. I really like your hot water bottle cover!

  7. lovely work missus, i'fe been studying that sneaky peak hard!!

  8. I love a zippy project, can't wait to see what it is as those fabrics look fabulous together.

  9. Looking good again, J. That HWB cover would make a good 'Dad' Chrissie pressie... class not till January??
    Ah well..

  10. The hot water bottle cover is gorgeous! Hope the workmen go soon!


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