Tuesday, 21 October 2014

A Bailey's Kind of Day!

Last week I got the lunchbags finished for my sister's shop ...


... and yesterday I got a few more peg bags finished for the shop.

Peg Bags for sale

Today marked the last day of making stock.

Sadly, the day did not go well!

Firstly, I made a couple of hot water bottle covers, just to see how they would sell and to use up some snuggly leftover fleece.

Hot water bottle covers

What you can't see here is the perfect 'iron' print on the front of one of them!!!!!

I've no idea what I was thinking! I know you don't iron fleece! It was already finished and just needed placed in the bag along with the rest of the stock!  Why oh why did I think to iron it!!!  Talk about a numpty moment!  I've no more fleece to redo that section, so that's one less item being sold!

My mind has been having a lot of these 'outer body' experiences lately! My IG friends got to see the sticky state of my newly fleeced iron, and promptly prescribed Bailey's as the cure!  My kind of thinking!

Next up were a few more washbags.  

wash bags

I had some heat 'n bond to try laminating some of my own fabric. While it was easy enough to use, overall I'm not impressed for projects where you have to squish and pull the the fabric through gaps in linings and such. 

It crinkles terribly, as does oil cloth, and ironing this stuff is tricky. The finished results aren't as good as I was hoping (there were 2 oilcloth lunchbag casualties last week I didn't show you!).  

I'm going to do a bit more research on other self laminating products and see if I can improve on these.

The jury is out on whether I sell these or not.  I will consult big sis!

So despite the frustrating end, I'm glad I've finished making stock for my sister's shop! Over my Bailey's and ice tonight I'm celebrating the fact that 132 items will soon be on their way to big sis! 

And remember my Dilly Bag?  Well you can now vote for your favourite bag here! I'd love it if you could have a wee look at the gorgeous bags and then vote for mine!!! Hee hee!

Jude xo


  1. oh, so sorry to hear about all these mishaps. Your other stuff looks gorgeous though :)

  2. you have certainly made lots and lots of goodies for the shop, shame about the hot water bottle and the other mishaps. Tried to vote but could not work out how to for the dilly bag. Any baileys left in the bottle I wonder?!

  3. you could iron the hottie bottle all over and make a ironed design ;)

  4. Oh dear...so sorry to hear you've had that kind of week. It happens to the best of us! Mystery solved as to what that gummy mess was that you showed on IG...hope you get your iron cleaned ok. I find the "magic erasers" the best for getting gunk off the soul! ooops sole...hahaha maybe it works on both! :o)

  5. Thank goodness that is Baileys to turn to at the end of a crap day. But so impressed with the amount of stock you've made to sell. Off to vote now. x

  6. Thank goodness there is Bailey's to turn to!! ^^ You've made an amazing number of items for your sister's shop!

  7. I don't recommend Lamifix. I had the same problems with it and after a few months of using my lunch bag, the fabric is coming away from the plastic.
    Great makes though, despite the iron incident! Is the Baileys to be applied to the iron or to you?

  8. Cute bags! Everyone needs a fluffy fleecy iron! Just to let you know you do not need an excuse to drink bailys :)

  9. Oh, I didn't have that problem with the turned through coated fabric, but I'll watch and see how it goes. I was worried about handling it a lot, but it seemed to work okay. It was Heat and Bond that I used too I think. Hmm, odd!

    Bailey's definitely sounds like the best remedy though ;o)

  10. We all lave rubbish days, really don't like the crinkly look it looks worse than the iron print. Your sewing is all wonderful usually so don't fret. Chocolate and a good book is my relaxing method.x


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