Wednesday, 15 October 2014


In keeping with the change of weather here and the rife seasonal colds, I made some handy tissue pouches to sell!

Tissue pouches

I was also sent some vinyl covered fabrics from a lovely friend, and I turned these into simple wash bags, with wipeable linings.

Wash bags

I've had a wee go at making my own 'vinyl' covered fabric (using heat 'n bond) so I may have a few more washbags made before all the shop stock gets handed over!

Hope you are having a great week, despite the stormy weather!

Jude xo


  1. Hi Judith! wow you are so productive these days! These are Super cute! Seeing that you are busy push me to do the same - thanks! x Teje

  2. more goodies for the shop, sounds interesting did not know that you could make vinyl covered fabric. Query what needle do you use to stitch the vinyl fabric, I did try once but make a mess of it and found it would not feed through the machine

  3. love the little snap fasteners on the tissue packets and the wash bags look great too

  4. Love these again!! you must never stop. the good thing about stormy weather is you don't mind string inside with coffee, heating on and sewing :D

  5. I love the little tissue holders, they are so different from the ones I have made....your vinyl pouches are wonderful.

  6. Do let us know how well ( or not?) the heat'n 'bond vinyl works!Your makes look lovely!

  7. Gesundheit! I've been using the heat and bond vinyl, and it works well, but read the destructions carefully or it goes a bit odd!

  8. I love the tissue pouches (still having fun with the nice press studs, I see!) and the wash bags look great - I've had the fabric for about three years (probably more!) and didn't get round to using it, you've had it for about a fortnight and it's already been made into something, bravo!!


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