Monday, 13 October 2014


My Hexie Quilts class finished this evening!

Just look at all this hexie goodness:

Hexie Quilts class
Half Hexie Quilts - Beginner
Hexie Quilts class
Hexie Stars Quilt - Advanced Beginner
Aren't they fabulous!

There are a couple more that I didn't get pictures of, but trust me, they are every bit a beautiful as these!

The pattern for both Hexie designs is available here in my Etsy shop!

Jude xo


  1. More success in your class. You must be teacher of the year.

  2. great bunch of students you have and excellent teaching from you I am sure. I love a good hexie, find them so relaxing to do

  3. I will never get tired of seeing hexies. The purple one is particularly stunning.

  4. Wow, these are great. Love the bold colours. Looks like a fun class!


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