Saturday, 11 October 2014

A productive day!

More beautiful sunshine today!  Yay!

Yesterday's batch sewing was all about Ipad covers!

Ipad covers for sale

A while ago I had fun using these self covered buttons from Fabric Yard! I find them so much easier to use than the metal ones with teeth!!

Ipad covers for sale

I think they add just the right final touches to these simple covers.

And we were productive in Bee Blessed today too!

Bee Blessed bow ties
Bee Blessed Scrappy Bow Ties

We love getting all your blocks each month, and so enjoy laying them out and putting them together into gorgeous quilts!  I know it takes a while to see your blocks made up into quilts, so thank you for your patience.

Have a brilliant weekend!

Jude xo 


  1. more pieces sewn by you you are so productive, what a nice way to keep an Ioad. Bee Blessed looking good, even spotted my blocks there

  2. the blocks and quilts look fab, have been a bit behind with mine

  3. You are a machine! How did you make all those iPad covers in a day?!

  4. Beautiful! Kisses

  5. I hope you took today as a day of rest after all that lot! Those are the kind of cover buttons I always use, now I'm curious about there being evil ones with teeth!

  6. all such gorgeous makes. I do love that beautifully colorful butterfly quilt.

  7. Wow, you were really productive! Love the ipad covers (those buttons are really cute!) and those bee quilts are amazing. I have such a sweet spot for bright scrappy quilts.


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