Thursday, 30 June 2011

POST! Woohoo!

While going through the mudane motions of the last school day before our summer holidays (gathering up the laundry, packing the dishwasher etc.) the doorbell rang.

It was the postman, much earlier than normal.

He didn't just have one package for me, not two either, but THREE!  Yippee!

The first one I opened was from my Mad Hadder friend Hadley.  

These are the nicest fabric scraps I've ever seen.  And how cute is that mini pincushion!
Some time ago I signed up to Hadley's Pay It Forward project and got all these amazing lovelies!  Thank you Hadders for your great taste and amazing generosity!
Even the greeting card is adorable!

Next I opened a package from Prints to Polka Dots.

I just adore those birdies!  These fqs were all less than £2 ea.
I had ordered some bargain fqs from their website and got 4 of the 5 ordered.  Nice huh?

I specifically chose pinks because I'm making the Kaleidoscope quilt for Bethany's room, which is mainly green with some pink accents.  (More on the Kaleidoscope QAL later, when I get my finger out and get cutting!).

And finally, Miss July Queen Bee from our Brit Bee, Judith, has sent through her fabrics and instructions for the blocks she'd like us to make.  

Her inspiration is a red & white blocks quilt, and we get to choose what blocks we make - hooray!  I think one of my blocks will be Monkey Wrench, which will look really effective in the two colours.  Will keep you posted.

So this was a really lovely postie morning. I have been back at my sewing machine, but I can't show you yet what I've been doing - oh I love being mysterious!

Unfortunately, my machine is making unfamiliar clicking noises and I think I'll check her into Sewing Machine Clinic for a wee MOT before clicks turn into clunks!


  1. Yay!!!! The postal service did me proud today!!

  2. Posties are getting better and better lately ;-)
    Isnt it great when you find prints you like in Printstopolkadots bargain section? They're a regular haunt of mine!

  3. If Hadley ever does a PIF again I am in there. Guess I won't be making you a pincushion for your PIF from me! Great postie day and lovely fabric. Wonder what today will bring?!


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