Saturday, 4 June 2011

June Brit Block

My lovely wee package arrived yesterday, from Miss June (aka Fiona).

Check out this lovely Dream On fabric:

This month, Fiona will have all the Brit Bee-vers making disappearing 9 patch blocks with her gorgeous fabrics.  This is going to be one summery quilt!

(P.s. thanks Fi for the choccy treat - yum!)

Hopefully soon I can show you pictures of the completed May blocks I did for Trudi (we can't blog about it until Trudi gets all the blocks back from every Bee member).

We have had 3 glorious days of sunshine here in N.I.  I'll leave you with a few pics of some of my favourite outdoor things (trees & kids!!):

Our favourite tree!

First born - the one getting 'crazy daughter quilt'!

No rude comments please!!


  1. What a GREAT tree! Don't you love your kids climbing trees?! Then again, me and my brother used a tree to get up on the garage roof and that was one of our favourite places to play. It's a wonder we are still alive. (It was quite a slopey roof on that garage with lots of granite rocks to land on if we fell.) Your kids look like they are having a fantastic time and that it was a good day out. Woohoo to sunshine again!

  2. What an amazing tree, I love it! (see, I can resist commenting on the last photo, arent you impressed?)

  3. Very artistic pics of the girls (including Poppy) and the trees! Doesn't the sunshine make you smile!

  4. Superb tree - you did that just to make Sarah feel even more tree-envy didn't you!!
    Great cones!

  5. What a fabulous tree! I want one lol!

  6. LOVE your outdoor photos!! What great trees!! What kind(s) are they? We've had some wonderful weather and outdoor fun this weekend here in northeast USA also, but I've been way too busy to post about it. Looks like you had a wonderful family outing! Thanks for sharing!


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