Friday, 24 June 2011

40 today - Eeek!

Well it's finally happened!

When I woke up this morning, I'm glad to say I hadn't grown an extra nose, my hair hadn't fallen out and my teeth were all there - phew!

Then this is what I came downstairs to ..............

I had told the girls the only thing they were allowed to buy me was a fat quarter or two of fabrics.  So daddy took them to our LQS and this is what they choose.

The cow print is so fun and daring, just like middle daughter who choose it!

And of course, no birthday for me is complete without some of these ...............

............and some of this ..............
I'm being taken out to lunch by 2 friends today - a surprise venue and I've been told the dress code is smart casual - hmmmmm!

The main celebrations will be on Sunday, a double birthday party (my youngest is 10 on Sunday) at my sister's house.  No doubt there will be more pics to bore you with.

And to finish off this 40th weekend hubby & I are spending the day in Londonderry, where I fully intend to buy more fabric in a cute wee shop up there called Quilt Cottage Studio (I'll definitely take pics of my purchases!).

So for all of you celebrating birthdays along with me this weekend, a very happy birthday to us all!

P.s. My very special quilty friend, Sarah, is poorly in hospital at the moment.  Just want to say a big thank you to her for organising the gorgeous flowers, and I miss her and wish her back to complete, pain free health very soon.  Love you! Jxo


  1. Happy birthday Judith! I hope you have a lovely birthday weekend! Sorry to hear that Sarah is poorly :-( thinking of you all :-)

  2. Happy Birthday, Judith!! What a lovely surprise to come downstairs to!! I love the fabrics! (And the flowers, balloons, books and banner are nice, too!). BTW, I am five years your senior. It sounds like you have a lovely day and weekend planned-- enjoy the celebration(s)! And of course, I think you will have to wear that new skirt of yours! (If you really want to make an impression, wear it with the Wellingotons!!) I am also a big Jane Austen fan. Have a wonderful birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday! Have a great weekend! Great choice of books, but you've got to throw in some 'Pride and Prejudice' in as well!!

  4. Happy Birthday! Have a lovely weekend, hope you enjoy every minute of it! x

  5. Happy Birthday !!!
    Enjoy your special day and remember..
    Age is just a state of mind and its more fun to have it in a messy state !!!!!

  6. Happy Birthday and so glad you have a whole weekend of nice things happening. And your family has great taste in fabric. How great is that?!

  7. Happy Birthday Judith!!!!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend :)

  8. Life begins at 40!! You've had a great start! Many Happy Returns lovely lady; enjoy it all xx

  9. Happy Birthday! Have a good weekend!

  10. Happy Birthday! Have a fantabulous weekend!

  11. Happy birthday! Looks like you have wonderful presents! I hope your friend is better soon too.


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