Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Crazy Daughter Quilt Take 2!

Okay, so the last one wasn't big enough!

I've added another row and widened it with 2" lilac & 2" white borders - will this be big enough?

Measures 51" x 70"
It gets the thumbs up from my daughter - hooray!

But now I have to quilt it, groan!

Before sewing version 1 altogether, I had contemplated doing a technique called 'Quilt as you go' (quilting each block or row separately, and then cleverly joining each row already quilted), but decided against it because I thought I wouldn't be doing intricate quilting and it wasn't that big (then!).

Now that it is even bigger I wish I had gone with my original strategy!  This is going to be tricky!

I'm going to ponder for a while over the best way to quilt this - I really don't have the patience for rotating a large quilt many times under a small needle space, so any 'easy but stunning' quilting suggestions you may have would be v.welcome!


  1. What about quilt in the ditch in some of the crazy pattern? Maybe in the centre pentagon and then the next shape around it? BTW it looks great!

  2. Tongue in cheek - I say tie it. Okay, I am joking because I always see that as sort of cheating. Must be the quilt snob in me. I think stitch in the ditch is a good idea to hold it all together and then you can tackle each block individually.

  3. What a gorgeous quilt!! Love it, and I'm glad your daughter approves, too.

  4. This is really lovely Judith - sorry no inspirational quilting tips from me as I haven't got much of a skill base in that dept yet and what I do have you've probably already considered. If it were me with my limited quilt resources I think I'd go with a straight diagonal through every block and continuing through the cornerstones into the next block. Not sure though if that would be enough on the size of those blocks, and probably not quite the 'stunning' effect you were after, would save lots of quilt rotating though!

  5. Its a great quilt, but I dont have any suggestions I'm afraid.. I've still got a long long way to go in that area myself! Best of luck though!

  6. Straight lines, all the way!! I'm so helpful!!

  7. I think that the most stunning but easy quilting would be random straight lines criss crossing it. The random lines would "echo" the crazy blocks but would not require any turning of the quilt. Alternatively, I would use a stipple as it is pretty simple and it would counterbalance the straight lines of the quilt. Depends on the look you are going for.


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