Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Give a Block Away!

A really non-demanding and satisfying way to make a helpful contribution to a great cause is to make a block and donate it.
Ayumi (Pink Penguin) is asking for contributors to the Partnership Quilts which get exhibited at the Tokyo Quilt Festival in Jan'12.

Partnership Quilts are made from donated blocks from people like you and me.  After being exhibited, they are then auctioned off and the proceeds this time are going to help the victims of the recent earthquake disaster.

The theme this year is 'triangles and squares' and you can find lots more information about this project here.

The deadline for getting your block posted to Tokyo is 31st August '11, and you will even be able to see your block in the finished quilt.

Go on, make a creative contribution!


  1. I saw this on Annabella's blog as well and think it is a great idea. Now that I can do triangles that is!

  2. It's a great concept!
    Love the new photo too x

  3. Glad this idea is spreading - love the new pic, btw.

  4. Lovely photo! What a great idea. Will investigate

  5. Encouragement to do this is everywhere, I expect I will have to send one too.


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