Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The Legs Are Out!

Today was a day of sunshine and showers, so we had some of this ................

This one's for you Hadders!
.............and some of this ....................

It was also the last day of term with my lovely ladies from Oasis.  I hope to have some pics for you soon, with some of their beautiful makes.  I will miss their craic over the summer, and will enjoy designing some new projects for them for the new term in September.

My youngest daughter turns 10 on Sunday, and she has requested a camera for her present.

We got her a half decent one, as she really enjoys taking pictures and the outdoors in general - her nickname is 'Nature Girl'!

So I thought it would be fun for her to have a wee camera case to put her new camera in.

Of course, it had to be green!

I just made this up as I went along, and wish I had sourced a wee tute 'cos there was some inevitable unpicking & re-stitching!

But I think Nature Girl will like it - it has all her favourite colours!


  1. Cute case! Love the skirt and the wellies! :)

  2. If I knew how to spell a 'wolf-whistle noise' then I would have!! That's a great skirt.

    Happy Birthday to Nature Girls - she shares the BEST 'birthday' day ever!

  3. Love the skirt and wellies! (Lovely wellies too btw!) Thats a great wee camera case, love the umbrellas on the inside (the right way up too, well done, I'd have messed that up for sure ;-)
    Hope you get lots more sunshine cos that skirt deserves many outings x

  4. Skirt looks great! Love the wells. And the camera case too. Such great lining fabric.

  5. Love your skirt, both with the sandals and boots!! I gotta get me a pair of Wellingtons like yours. Glad you had a chance to try out your new skirt. Your camera case is adorable, too! Your daughter will be psyched!


  7. Totally fabulous skirt! Well done! (I even quite like the IKEA duvet one!)


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