Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Liberty Slouch!

Details of my Valentine's day Heather Ross giveaway are here.

I've long been in need of a new Slouch bag, after my trusty vintage one literally got worn out!

These bags are super comfortable to 'wear', and are especially kind to dicky backs!

I always have one when I'm travelling so my hands are 'free' for lumping all the other stuff!  So with an upcoming trip looming, I thought I'd better get organised and rustle one up!

slouch bag 003

The fabrics used to make this bag are all offcuts I was either given or bought at silly prices!

I just love the purple tweed, and I'm sure my granny used to have a coat made from the aqua wotsit!

slouch bag 010

And inside - some Laura Ashley linen!

slouch bag 006

But the Pièce de résistance for me are the Liberty buttons!  My sister brought these back from Liberty London last year, and I've been hanging on to them for 'that special project'!

slouch bag 002

I can't wait to start using my new Slouch!

If you fancy making one of these yourself, you can find the pattern here.



  1. This is gorgeous I just love the purple tweed and it works so well with the aqua. Seeing this bag is making me want to go sew a slouch bag...

  2. How cool is that? The aqua wotsit really gives it great texture. Fab bag, Miss!

  3. Gorgeous, and I love that purple tweed!

  4. LOve the bag and colours. Will have to add this bag to my "to do" list.

  5. You will be a very stylish traveller indeed! Gorgeous bag and fabrics.

  6. Hope this one lasts as long!

  7. looking fab missus! I think my granny still DOES have a coat in that aqua whatsit stuff...

  8. I think we are all swooning at the purple tweed - great bag Jude!

  9. Love the aqua wotsit and the tweed is gorgeous too! Love bags that shape as you say they are very comfy!

  10. I think this will go on my to do list ESP the fact it's for a 'dicky back'

  11. oh yes! this is totally gorgeous! love everything about this bag and may well be tempted to try one! x


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