Friday, 27 May 2011

Bags, Bags, Bags!

My recent handbag classes finished this week.

Wanna look at some truly gorgeous makes ..............?

Marion & Sarah (see more pics of Sarah's here)

For the next series of pics I need to let you know that there are 2 Heathers (so you don't think the same person had her own handbag production line)!!!  Let's call them Heather 1 and Heather 2! 

Heather's (1) crazy patched swing bag, with adorable brooch.

(Sorry about the blurry pic) Angie & her gorgeous crazy patched swing bag.

  • From L - R:
  • Heather's (2) stunning crazy patched denim swing bag with inlays; 
  • Heather's (1) crazy patched bag (as seen above); 
  • Heather's (2) denim slouchy bag with stunning green lining (made from hubby's denim shirt!); 
  • Angie's crazy patched swing bag, as seen above.
  • Recycling at its best!

 Aren't they stunning?  The bags aren't bad either!!

Well done girls!  Your talent & creativity inspires me and you have been such a joy to teach.  

Enjoy your gorgeous new makes.


  1. Awesome!! what a great class! I'm sure everyone was very happy with their new recycled bags, and you, proud as their teacher! Cool! On my list of things to make, I have a bag. Maybe I'll get to it sometime this year!

  2. Wish I could come to your classes! You make brilliant things and Sarah contends you all manage that while giggling the whole time.

  3. Those are great bags, it must be fun to teach a class to make them.

  4. Fab bags from the Friday girls - I especially love Heather 1's!

  5. Love all the bags, but that denim one with the inlays is my favourite, you should run an online class :)

    PS followed some instructions on blogger help forums and managed to get my comment-ability back!

  6. I have bag jealousy - aren't they brill!


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