Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Lime or Aqua?

Okay, I need some feedback please, preferably from my Brit Swap Partner (I know who you are, hee hee!).

I've decided to just bind the mini quilt, but do I use lime green or aqua?

Lime green ......
.... or aqua?
Of course the pictures don't do the colours justice, and I actually like both of them.

So it's up to you swap partner - which one do you like best?


  1. That's like deciding which twin I love more!

  2. Hard one - but I am leaning towards the lime.

  3. Turquoise. No, Lime. I cant decide... Ooooh I wont decide, then when you do it we'll get more of an idea who's getting it!

  4. I vote lime, but then I am a green-a-holic :)

  5. Aqua seems to really calm the quilt down IMHO

  6. I love this, and really loved the fabric leaves, but can understand that they took over, and your second choice is more in keeping with the quilt on a whole. Hope its coming my way
    Got to ask, did you make the fabric leaves etc.. and is there a tutorial.

  7. Flippin heck I don't know!! I saw the lime green and thought oh yes thats perfect but then I saw the blue! I think the blue, but only just... it looks like the leaves etc are floating in the sky. :)

  8. I'm chuckling away at picking a favourite twin - that's what it's like! I think the turquoise by a hair - it's fresh and clean and lovely.


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